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Job Board

A company's strength is built on the quality of its employees and our central concern is to recruit the right candidate for the right job. We always look forward to give opportunity to those who have the potential to perform in our organization and can take a significant part in company’s growth, optimization and creation of value of all stake holders.

As our aim is to recruit best possible candidate, our prospective employment candidates have to go through all or some of the following steps during recruitment & selection process

  1. Job application through recruitment portal
  2. Resume Screening & Short listing
  3. Applicant Selection (either all or some of the following)
    1. Telephonic interview
    2. Assessment test
    3. Panel interview
  4. Submission of all required documents
  5. Issuance & acceptance of offer letter
  6. Reference Check
  7. Applicants Joining on Vacant Position

Current available position can be viewed by clicking the following links

  1. Total Number of Available Positions
  2. Search Options
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