avoid fraud
How to Avoid Mobile Phone Fraud?

Warid Telecom customers are receiving frequent fraudulent calls/SMS in which the callers proclaiming to be Warid officials pronounce you as winners of lucky draw. Customers are thereafter asked to purchase prepaid scratch cards and provide PIN numbers to claim the Prize Money. Once the victim is convinced and the afore-referred information is provided to fraudulent callers, the amount is sold or consumed by them.

What to do? 

We at Warid Telecom request you to be careful and follow the necessary steps to minimize such activities:

  • Do not pay heed to such calls/SMS especially from unknown numbers proclaiming you as winners of prize and asking you to provide scratch card information to claim the reward. 
    If you have not participated in any draw, don't expect to win anything. 
  • The fraudulent callers may claim to be Warid Telecom officials and ask you for your personal details. Please be aware of the fact that Warid Telecom already has your personal details i.e. i.e. Name, CNIC etc. and would not ask the same from you again. 
    Please ignore such requests.
  • Warid Telecom would also never ask for bank account details, prepaid scratch cards PINs or personal information as part of a promotion through a telephonic conversation or SMS. 
  • In case you have received such call/SMS and the afore-mentioned information has been provided from your end, Warid Telecom regrets any inconvenience caused. You may contact us and register a complaint through customerservice@waridtel.com. However, please be informed that we may not be able to provide assistance in all situations as lost balance cannot be retrieved or compensated by Warid Telecom.