Close User Group
Close User Group

Close User Group (CUG) is a unique‚ value-adding service aimed at providing customized solutions in accordance with your corporate needs. It allows groups within an organization to communicate with each other on highly discounted rates. You can now manage the flow of communication‚ and thereby increases the productivity of your employees. It offers great flexibility of call control, so you can determine access levels for each and every member in the group.


Close User Group (CUG) rates are at 60 paisas per minute on all packages‚ billed according to the package plan i.e. per 60 sec‚ 30 sec or per sec.

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Key Features

  • Available to large or medium-sized corporations
  • At least 10 postpaid connections need to be subscribed in order to use this service
  • For each billing account in CUG‚ a separate itemized bill will be generated per month‚ while a bill summary will be given to the customer group
  • There is no restriction on the number of times you can change members in the CUG. Only the company contact person i.e. CUG administrator can request for the change of numbers in the CUG
  • A subscriber can only belong to one CUG
  • Each CUG member can be given any Value Added Service (GRPS‚ MMS‚ VMS etc.) upon subscription