Industrial Solutions
Industrial Solutions


Through Smart Metering Solutions, Company can collect various types of data from different locations and send it using data service/SMS technology to the Company’s database center.


Mobile Tracking & Fleet Management makes it easier for companies to monitor all its mobile assets in real time. This technology is supported by Warid Cellular Network. The location is determined by fetching the location of the tower with which the Mobile Device is attached. This information is then sent to Warid Location Based Server for processing and logging, where it is displayed on a digital map within a Location Based Service web portal.


Sales Force Automation is a Warid Corporate Business Solution for companies that want to implement Business Mobility for their Sales, Marketing or Delivery/Maintenance Service staff.

Sales Force Automation makes it possible for Sales/Marketing personnel, Surveyors and Order Collectors to execute transactions in the field without having to return to the office to take the next step. Instead, transactions can be done while meeting with customers.

This solution integrates the Company’s transaction applications with smart phones, PDAs or other specialized Company devices that use Warid PostpaidService and Warid's data and/or SMS network.

Benefits to Corporates:

  • Faster transaction processing and subsequent follow-through as transactions can be processed whenever and wherever
  • Increased Company productivity as more transactions can be processed

* Requires 3rd Party Software Application


Intranet Application allows Company or employees to access data from outside the office, through smart phones equipped with special applications and Warid Postpaid SIM Cards. Within the Warid Data Network, this service may only be accessed by authorized internal or external individuals, in accordance with Corporate subscriber needs.

Intranet Application Features:

  • Intranet Application that has been developed for mobile use can only be accessed by authorized internal or external parties
  • Customized according to corporate subscriber needs

Benefits of Intranet Application Services:

  • Fast decision-making due to immediate data availability
  • Users are immediately informed about the updated DataHigher efficiency as it is not necessary to return to the office to access required data


Our Fixed Wireless Connectivity Solutions make it easy for companies to expand their Fixed-Line Network, just by using a Warid Postpaid SIM Card that has been connected to the Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT) in each Company’s PBX (Private Branch eXchange) system. This works for both outgoing as well as incoming calls.

Benefits of Fixed Wireless Connectivity:

  • Easy and simple to operate. Just plug &play the Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT) into the Company PBX system
  • Can be implemented anywhere, any location in Pakistan with Warid Coverage


Using Warid Corporate Business Solutions Small & Remote Office Connection solutions are relatively inexpensive and can be implemented quickly.

These Small & Remote Office Connectivity solutions are useful for small companies in the provinces as well as for large companies with an extensive branch network. They can be used as an alternative back-up to a Leased Line or as an alternative to a set connection between head office and branch offices.

Benefits of Fixed Wireless Connectivity:

  • Reduces operational communication costs
  • Data connection is easily installed through Warid Data Services.