At present, Electronic Data Capture (EDC) terminals typically use VSAT, Leased-Line and Dial Up to communicate data to their host server. With Warid Data Technology, it becomes easier to communicate your data. Another benefit of Warid data technology is that subscribers can easily move the EDC to other locations, making it easy to process merchant payments in different locations such as during exhibitions, seminars etc.

Benefits of Mobile EDC:

  • Reduced Operational Cost; compared with conventional connections such as VSAT or Leased Lines, using this data service can significantly reduce operational costs
  • Mobility; quick installation and easy to move


This solution was designed to meet the needs of the financial and banking industry through online and wireless working procedures. This service can lower operational costs and improve the Company’s competitiveness, leading to greater customer satisfaction. Warid provides Mobile ATM solutions that enable banks or ATM providers to quickly and easily connect ATM machines with the ATM host servers in the head office, using Warid Data Technology as an alternative method of data communications.

Benefits of Mobile ATM

  • Reduced Operational Costs; compared with conventional connections such as VSAT or Leased Lines, using Warid data services will significantly reduce operational costs
  • Little space is required for installation of the data modem; an ATM location is sufficient
  • Easy and relatively quick deployment of an ATM in the field
  • Can be used to support Mobile ATMs or Temporary ATMs on location


Through Smart Metering Solutions, Company can collect various data from different locations and send it using data service/SMS technology to the Company’s database center.

Benefits of Smart Telemetry:

  • Reduced operational costs as specialized staff is no longer needed to collect the data on ground
  • More efficient business processing, with timely and accurate data collection and follow-up processing