Enterprise Voice & SMS
Enterprise Voice & SMS

Corporate Voice & SMS is a one-way communication tool which can be accessed via the Internet to promote your business. It’s a great tool to push forward your corporate identity and promote new products. Furthermore, it can be used to make regular contact with employees and staff members or simply use it to send notifications, updates ormake announcements.

Key Features of Corporate Voice & SMS Solution:

  • Multiple user login accounts with User Rights Management for every subscriber account
  • Bilingual (English & Urdu) SMS support
  • Multiple SMS Masking
  • Dedicated company logo on GUI (can be uploaded from existing image file)
  • Contacts Management (easily Create, Save and upload contacts online or via CSV)
  • Create groups of contact with unlimited group size
  • Voice & SMS Broadcast Scheduler for contact(s) or group(s) on daily, weekly or as per choice
  • Campaign History (Can be downloaded onto your computer for offline viewing)

For further information and queries related to package costs, please contact:


Terms & Conditions:

  • Account are created upon receiving a formal request on company/organization letter heads along with a payment instrument such as PO/DD. (for details on package cost please contact enterprisesolutions@waridtel.com)
  • Protection of Login ID & Password shall be customer’s responsibility; however in case of a complaint from the authorized company representative(s) it may be reset
  • Corporate Voice & SMS is available only for registered companies/organizations having GST/NTN registration certificates
  • The Number of SMS masking per account is limited to five (5)
  • There is a common CLI for all outbound calls and is shared amongst users
  • The customers shall take complete responsibility and shall be liable for any illicit / offensive or otherwise should Warid be penalized on any communication to any customer via the Voice & SMS solution
  • The account access & privileges may be withdrawn or modified in cases where is it deemed necessary without prior intimation to the customer