Warid Access Card
Warid Access Card

Warid Access (wireless) Data Card is the fastest‚ most flexible way for any laptop user to stay in constant connection while on the move. The Warid Access Card lets you connect your laptop/notebook to the Warid network.

Warid now offers special introductory package with unmatched GPRS rates for Warid Access Card! Just select one of our GPRS packages and get one month line rent free so you don't need to pay anything. This is a Limited Time Offer!

How to activate/ Installation Method

  • Use the CD to install the Warid Access Card software in your laptop
  • Insert the Warid Access Card into your laptop
  • Click on the installed software icon to start accessing the internet instantly
  • You will first be required to create a GPRS Connection by using GC79 Manager
  • From Wireless Manager:
    • Check the box next to Create a new connection‚ enter a name for the new connection‚ for example My Connection‚ and click next /li>
    • Select GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) as the type of data connection
    • Select Warid as your network operator from the drop down list at the bottom of the screen<
  • Click Connect and start your mobile Internet experience straightaway!


  • The correct parameters for connection to the network operator you should select from list that is available to you (automatically entered for you)
  • Make sure that ‘Warid’ is selected as Access Point Name for GPRS
  • You don’t need a user ID and password to log on to Warid Network. Click next
  • Click finish to create the connection Packages (table)

Special Bulk GPRS (Data Card) packages:

Postpaid Packages Line Rent Free Units Rate
Package – GPRS80 Rs. 80* 6MB Rs.12/Mb
Package - GPRS120 Rs. 120* 15MB Rs.10/Mb
Package - GPRS200 Rs. 200* 20MB Rs.8/Mb
Package - GPRS240 Rs. 240* 30 MB Rs.6/Mb
Package - GPRS Infinity ∞ Rs. 500* Unlimited Rs.0/Mb

Note: * Government taxes are additional


Card Price SIM Cost Security
Rs. 7500* Nill Rs. 500

*Inclusive of all taxes

∞ The Infinity package has a limit of 2GB data. Once the user exceeds 2GB, incremental charging at the rate of Rs.0.20 / MB will apply.

More Details
Key Features

  • Complies with Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/PocketPC 2002
  • Connects with your laptop/notebook
  • Comes with GPRS package of your choice
  • Unlimited data quantity allowed
  • Easy to install and configure
  • High download speed
  • Supports SMS
  • Stay in touch with your friends
  • Download music and games
  • Chat online
  • Convenient off-site working


Can I get voice package on Warid Access card?

No‚ data cards are only meant for data services.

Will I get an additional bill for using GPRS SIM with Warid Access card?

Yes‚ the process will be same as for any post-paid SIM bill. It will be sent to your current mailing address.

What's the charging criterion?

The charging is on per KB basis.

Can data cards be purchased from Franchises or retailers?

No‚ Warid Access cards are only available at selected Business Centers in Karachi‚ Lahore‚ Islamabad‚ Multan and Faisalabad.

How and when a user can change package plan of Warid Access card?

The package plan will be changed on billing date. The package can be changed by visiting Business Center only.