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Zem Talky


  1. What is a Zem Talky?
    Zem Talky service enables mobile phone subscribers to communicate with each other by exchanging short voice messages.
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  2. To whom can I send Zem Talky?
    You can send Zem Talky to all Warid customers‚ Non-Warid Customers & International Numbers.
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  3. Can I also send Zem Talky to landline numbers?
    No. You can only send Zem Talky to mobile numbers.
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  4. Can I send or receive Zem Talky while I am roaming in another country (international roaming)?
    No‚ you can only send and receive Zem Talky while you are in Warid Pakistan s coverage area.
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  5. Do I require any activation for Zem Talky?
    There is no provisioning required for Zem Talky. This service is available to all Warid customers by default.
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  6. Are there any handset support / compatibility issues in sending or receiving Zem Talky?
    No‚ there are no handsets support issues.
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  7. What happens when my mailbox is full i.e. when a 21st Zem Talky is received?
    In such cases‚ the oldest message gets deleted. It operates on FIFO (First in First Out) principle.
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  8. How can I activate/deactivate the daily alert service?
    You can activate/deactivate daily alert service using your handset‚ once you insert Warid SIM in it. Following daily alert service options are available in the Warid SIM toolkit:
    • New Stuff
      • Promotions
      • Packages
      • Events
    • Info Zone
      • Sports
      • News
      • Finance
      • Religion
      • Weather
      • Dictionary
      • Time Check
    • Entertainment
      • Greetings
      • Jokes
      • Ring Tones
      • Music & Movies
      • Quotes
      • Horoscope
      • Games
    • Messaging
      • Anonymous Chat
      • Picture Messaging
      • Logos & Icons
      • Mobile Email
      • Multimedia Settings
    • My Stuff
      • My Warid Acct.
      • My Alerts

    Service can be activated/deactivated from the handset.
    Following process is required to be followed in order to get daily alert service(s) activated:

    Daily Alert Service Activation Process

    • Go to Warid menu
    • Select My Stuff
    • Select My Alerts
    • You will be provided with aforementioned alert options which can be selected according to your choice
    • Select “Activate”

    Daily Alert Service Deactivation Process

    • Go to Warid menu
    • Select My stuff
    • Select My alerts
    • Select the already subscribed alert e.g. Weather Forecast
    • Select “Deactivate”

    A monthly rent of Rs. 25 plus tax (subjected to change with different services) will be charged on activation of any of the daily alert services. After activating this service the alerts will be received on daily basis.

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  9. What are charges for sending Zem Talky Service?

    Warid to any mobile number in Pakistan: 5 paisa+tax/30 seconds 

    Warid to international mobile number: Rs.3+tax/30 seconds

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