Handset Compatibility
LTE Handset Compatibility

The MSISDN panel helps you determine if your current handset is compatible to use Warid LTE services. Just enter your Warid number and you will receive a verification code, put the code in the text box in-order to check your phones compatibility.


  • In-order to check your handset's LTE compatibility, enter your Warid number or select your handset from the panel
  • Enter the shortcode received on your phone for verification
  • Your compatibility is displayed

Getting a LTE compatible handset...

In-order to check for LTE compatible handsets available in the market, select a manufacturer from the drop down to list all handsets that are compatible with it.

Select Handsets:

You can also check the compatibility of your handset by sending "mymobile" or "my mobile" in an SMS to 321

The information provided above is to the best of our knowledge and might vary as per your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Rooted or Jail broken devices are known to cause connectivity issues.

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