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Warid MiFi

Stay Connected on the go with Warid MiFi!

Why limit your on-the-go web surfing when you can be online everywhere with Warid Mifi, a portable wireless router that can connect as many as multiple smartphones, tablets or laptops to experience internet at a blazing speed!

You can enjoy:

  • The Internet Sharing feature which allows you and any two of your Warid friends or family members to access Internet, anytime, anywhere on their mobile phones, with the ease of a single bill from the same bundle.
  • Warid MiFi as a Wifi device which enables Internet connectivity on smartphones, tablets and laptops within a range of 30 feet.

You can buy:

MiFi Bundled Package:

  • With the purchase of every device you will be entitled to 105 GB FREE Internet for the next 3 months! You can purchase your MiFi device with an LTE enabled SIM package from our Warid Business Centers and Franchises and selected retailers for Rs. 9,999!
  • Once the bundled months are over you can opt for any of the three monthly bundles.

MiFi Standalone:

  • Get device for Rs 3,500
  • Opt for any one of the following monthly bundles

Monthly Bundles:

Get your preferred MiFi Internet plan now by logging in with your mobile number to the web self-service portal

MiFi Internet Plan Volume Monthly Charges
MiFi Smart 15GB Rs. 1500
MiFi Extra 20GB Rs. 2000
MiFi Ultra 35GB Rs. 3000

Warid Mifi offers:

Shared Internet Plans - You and any two of your Warid friends or family members can access Internet, anytime, anywhere on your mobile phones, with the ease of a single bill which will be billed to the Mifi owner. You can add or delete members to/from your Mifi Internet plan by logging in to the 
web self-service portal
Multiple Connectivity - MiFi hotspot can connect multiple laptops, mobile phones, tablets or any WiFi enabled peripheral to the web within a range of 30 feet.
On-the-go Coverage - Seamless coverage in all major cities of Pakistan.
Built-in Security - It comes with built-in security systems and no outside devices/users can access it without proper network authentication.
Superfast Speed - Enjoy internet at superfast LTE speeds anytime, anywhere!
Super Charged Battery - With an exceptionally long battery life of upto 6 hours, it’s a great buy for those who live or travel on the go!

Re-subscription and Add-ons:

  • Your monthly bundle will automatically re-subscribe on bill expiry date
  • You can change your bundle at bill expiry by selecting it on web self-service portal
  • Prepaid users can immediately change their bundle or re-subscribe to the current bundle before bill expiry date by going on web self-service portal and use Subscribe Now option. The data volume must be low than 1GB
  • Postpaid users, upon consuming the data volume before bill expiry can take add-ons which will be valid till bill expiry by logging on to web self-service portal . The add-ons are as follows:
Bundle Name Price Volume
Add-on 2GBs 300 2 GB
Add-on 10GBs 750 10 GB

Terms and Conditions:

  • As per Fair Usage Policy, only 35GB/month can be used in bundled MiFi.
  • MiFi operates on Warid’s LTE network only.
  • Internet usage can be monitored through the web self-service portal
  • Mifi device broadcasts WiFi connectivity for a distance of up to 30 ft with maximum 10 devices.
  • You will continue to access GPRS/EDGE services in areas where LTE coverage is not available.
  • For Prepaid Customers: Package change option is available on web self-service portal
  • For Postpaid Customers: Please call 321 or nearest Franchise/Business Center for further assistance.
  • Shared internet plans will be available on MiFi by default. Secondary connections can be managed through the web self-service portal
  • There can be a maximum of two secondary connections with a MiFi shared internet plan.
  • Shared devices can be added/modified/deleted from the web self-service portal
  • If you do not have a LTE compatible handset you can still share the data on a 2G secondary device as well as long as primary device is MiFi or a mobile with an activated LTE shared internet plan.
  • If your Primary internet data allowance is consumed, overage charging will apply to the MiFi device. A Secondary device will be switched to individual plan selected or default charging.
  • MiFi comes with built-in security features that ensure optimum security for your device. There is a unique Wifi key affixed to each device; used as the network connectivity key, compulsory for network authentication. No devices/users can access the device without proper network authentication.
  • SSID and Network/Wifi key can be found at the back of the device and can be read by removing the back cover of the Mifi device
  • After the consumption of bundle data volume, charging will be done according to 0.20 / MB until the expiry of the bundle
  • Default rate of data consumption will be charged at Rs. 5 / MB upon usage without subscribing to bundles
  • Billing type can be converted from Prepaid to Postpaid and Postpaid to Prepaid with the following conditions:
    • For Bundled package, the conversion cannot be made in first three months
    • Upon conversion, the data volume available will not be transferred
    • Only one conversion can be done in a month
  • 14% withholding tax on recharge applies

Terms, conditions and taxes apply
Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA

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