LTE Roaming
LTE Roaming

Warid Telecom to Provide International LTE Roaming Services For the First Time in Pakistan

Warid stays resilient on placing your convenience as the top most priority, which is why Warid LTE achieves yet another milestone! Now you get to enjoy the blazing speed of LTE while roaming abroad starting from today. This milestone has been achieved with the help of Syniverse which is one of the best global IPX providers. According to GSMA, LTE connections will reach nearly 3 billion and over 60 percent of the world’s population by 2020. This right in time launch of LTE Roaming Services will result in an increase in the number of Warid subscribers roaming abroad.

LTE roaming is now offered to the following destinations:

Country Operator Network Code Data Charges (USD) Charging interval
UK Vodafone 234-15 0.000124 1KB
Turkey Vodafone 286-02 0.000124 1KB
New Zealand Vodafone 530-01 0.000124 1KB

Above mentioned rate is on per KB basis, per MB charges are USD 0.13


1. What is International LTE Roaming service?

International LTE Roaming service will allow Warid subscribers to use LTE services while roaming on our partner networks abroad.

2. How can I activate this service?

You can activate International LTE roaming service by calling 321 from your handsets or visiting our business center. However to enjoy International LTE roaming service your regular International roaming service must also be activated.

3. Is there any additional security deposit requirement for International LTE Roaming?

No. Your existing International Roaming (IR) security deposit limit will be used.

4. Are there any prerequisite to avail International LTE roaming service?

To avail International LTE roaming service following requirements should be taken into account:

  • Regular IR service must be activated on customer number
  • Customer must have a LTE SIM card
  • Customer must have a LTE compatible Handset
  • Customer must be availing LTE services within Pakistan