Maritime Roaming
Maritime Roaming by Warid

Warid Postpaid subscribers can now benefit from this great service to remain connected to the world even when in the middle of the ocean. In connection with On-Waves, a subsidiary of SIMINN, formerly known as Iceland Telecom, Warid now provides GSM services while you cruise away!

On Waves, currently provides service to 52 vessels, both cruise ships and large ferries, operating in Europe, the Caribbean and the southern hemisphere and has a significant capacity for additional vessels. Through its partnership with On Waves, Warid has contracts with lots of cruise lines to deliver crisp and high connection quality on your cell phones.

In addition to have AT&T terristrial networks, Warid customers can now enjoy Maritime services(GMS, GPRS, CAMEL and 3G) with AT&T covering approximately 152 cruise ships internationally.