Roam With Warid
Roam with Warid

Roam at ease

With Warid, you don't have to worry about roaming the world. No matter where your travels take you, our vast roaming coverage will keep you seamlessly connected all over the globe.

Warid International Roaming provides you the freedom of using your existing Warid number when you travel outside Pakistan, anywhere & everywhere around the globe. We keep you connected to all those who matter, your friends, family and business.

IR Activation

Simple & easy activation process.For IR activation, Just call our Customer Care Centre on 321 from your Warid phone or simply dial 042-111-111-321. You could also visit any of our conveniently located Customer Sales & Service Centres near you, where our Customer Care Representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

For a speedy IR activation there is a 15,000 rupees refundable security deposit to get you going, which means if you already have a deposit of Rs.5000, all you need to deposit is Rs. 10,000. This refundable security deposit amount is applicable for all Postpaid packages except Warid 4000 Unlimited Package*

Within 24-48 hours your International Roaming Service will be activated. It gets even better; IR activation is free of charge!

*Security deposit for Warid 4000 Unlimited Package is Rs. 20,000.

For more information on Voice & GPRS please see: International Roaming