SMS Roaming
SMS Roaming

For the first time in Pakistan, Warid offers the facility to send and receive SMS while traveling abroad through its SMS Roaming service! You can stay in touch with your contacts and loved ones while you roam around the world. Messages are sent instantly to your friends and family regardless of the day & time.


Rs. 100 will be charged for activation each time

For Postpaid subscribers with credit limit of Rs.2000 and security deposit of Rs.2000 (refundable), no walk in or call to helpline is required. In case you already have Rs. 1000 against your deposit, you will only need to deposit an additional Rs. 1000

More Details

Service will be activated only for two weeks: at the end of this period, service would be automatically deactivated

Only SMS facility will be available once the service is activated; voice calls facility has to be activated separately as per the terms & conditions of IR

Regular IR SMS rates will be applicable. Please refer to the international SMS rates in the IR tariff guide. Any updates to IR Tariffs will be applicable to SMS Roaming as well

Free incoming SMS while on roaming is available at several destinations

To deactivate the service, send "IRSMS OFF" to 129. (No charges for deactivation)

For further information kindly contact Customer Services @ 321./

SMS Roaming FAQs


1. What is SMS Roaming?

2. The service enables a customer to receive and send SMS while on International Roaming. Voice and other regular VAS services are not available while a customer has SMS Roaming activated. [Back to top]

3. How can this service be activated?

Simply send "IRSMS ON" to 129. The service will be enabled based on your credit limit/security deposit. Please note that Rs 100 will be charged for activation in addition to local SMS charges plus tax.

4. What is the security deposit requirement for SMS Roaming?

A credit limit/security deposit of Rs 2,000 should be available to activate this service. Just make sure that your available credit limit should be more than 2,000 to avail the SMS Roaming facility.

5. How can this service be deactivated?

Simply send "IRSMS OFF" to 129 to deactivate the service.

6. When deactivating the service, would SMS charges be applicable or is it free?

There are no charges for deactivation; however standard SMS charges (plus tax) would be applicable for sending the deactivation command to 129.

7. Are the "IRSMS ON" and "IRSMS OFF" commands case sensitive?

No; commands for activation & deactivation are not case sensitive.

8. What are the applicable charges for incoming & outgoing SMS, while on SMS Roaming abroad?

Standard international roaming rates of SMS apply. Please consult the current IR Tariff sheet for further details. The charges are according to the updated rates on every 23rd of the month.

9. Does the service remain active indefinitely or do I need to deactivate it voluntarily?

The service remains active for 2 weeks (14 days) after activation. On the 15th day, it is deactivated automatically (regardless of your geographical location). You may deactivate the service at your discretion as well, only when you are present in Pakistan. Please be reminded that commands sent to 129 will only work when you are in Pakistan. Also note carefully that while roaming abroad if your service is deactivated, you will not be able to send/receive any SMS.

10. How do I deactivate this service while I'm abroad on IR?

SMS Roaming cannot be deactivated while on IR since short codes (sending SMS to 129) do not work while outside Pakistan. You may deactivate the service upon your return to Pakistan. The only way it is deactivated while you are abroad is upon expiry of 14 days period (or running out of credit limit).

11. What are the documentation requirements for activation of the service?

There is no documentation requirement for SMS Roaming if you get it activated while still in Pakistan. Just that your available credit limit should be more than Rs. 2,000/-

12. Can I activate SMS Roaming for the first time while I'm abroad?

Your SMS Roaming can be activated while you are abroad. Someone will have to get it done on your behalf from Pakistan through a proper verification process.

13. How do I re-activate SMS Roaming while I'm abroad?

Your service can be reactivated in the following ways:

  • A fax request is sent to Warid Business Center from the customer by clearly mentioning the customer's mobile number, ID card number, and address.
  • Someone presents an authority letter along with a copy of your NIC at Warid Business Center on your behalf..
  • By logging on to Warid website ( and emailing your request to Customer Services.

14. Is there any way to keep my SMS Roaming activated for more than 14 days if I'm staying abroad for a longer period of time?

Any of the procedures indicated in the previous query can be followed.

15. What happens if my SMS Roaming gets blocked/deactivated because of my limit exceed due to excessive use even before the 14 days period? Can I still get it re-activated?

Of course. All you need to do is have your outstanding bill paid/cleared by someone on your behalf back in Pakistan. Re-activation charges of Rs 100 would be applicable.

16. Can I switch to regular (text & voice) IR while my SMS Roaming is active during my stay abroad?

Yes it is possible; someone on your behalf will need to provide your travel information: a copy of the first two pages of passport & a copy of the visa (country of visit), plus a security deposit of Rs 20,000 against your number, at any Warid Business Center. An activation time of up to 48 hours is required.