IR Prepaid Roaming
Jazz Prepaid Roaming: Up to 85% discounts!

Are you planning to go on Umrah or Hajj?

Or visiting family in USA?

Or going on a business trip to Dubai?

Or just a fun-filled trip to Turkey?

Or planning to go anywhere in the world!

Jazz Prepaid Roaming covers you almost everywhere you go with rates so affordable that you feel like having an International experience @ local rates!

No need to buy a local sim every time you visit a new destination. Jazz Prepaid Roaming is there for you offering extremely affordable rates in around 30 countries all across the world including UAE, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Australia, Turkey and many more. Simply dial your helpline (111 for jazz, 321 for warid) for instant activation of your prepaid roaming. The offer is valid for both Jazz and Warid.

Some of the top destinations include:

S.N Country Operator TAP Code Incoming
Call to
1 Saudi Arabia STC SAUAJ 15 15 15 Free 6
2 UAE DU AREDU 25 40 40 Free 6
3 USA AT&T USACG 15 15 15 Free 6
4 UK Vodafone GBRVF 15 40 40 Free 6
5 Canada Telus CANTS 15 25 25 Free 6
6 Australia Optus AUSOP 15 25 25 Free 6
7 Turkey Turkcell TURTC 25 40 40 Free 6
8 Netherlands Vodafone NLDLT 25 40 40 Free 6

Tariff is stated in PKR - Rates are to be charged as per minute.


For more details on other countries, please see the Prepaid Roaming Tariff Sheet.


1. Call to rest of the world and satellite would be as per standard Prepaid Tariff rates

2. Rates are for country specific operators. For other operators in the same country, rates would vary. Please make sure that you are latched to the desired operator.


1. What is Prepaid International Roaming?

Prepaid International Roaming is a service that allows prepaid subscribers to make or receive calls and SMS with their Prepaid SIM cards while travelling abroad.

2. How can I avail this offer?

International roaming prepaid discounts are available by default provided you have activated International roaming.

3. How can I activate International Roaming?

For Jazz customers, please call on 111 to get Instant International roaming activation on your number. For Warid customers, International Roaming is available by default. However you can check and confirm by calling on 321.

4. Are the discounted rates available for all the countries?

No, The discounted rates are available for around 30 countries. For details, please see tariff sheet

5. Are the discounted rates available for all the operators in the same country?

No, the discounted rates are operator specific in any country. Please make sure that you are latched to the desired network.  The rates of other operators in the same country may vary. For details, please visit prepaid tariff sheet.

6. Can I call anywhere in the world on these discounted rates?

No, the discounted rates are only for local calling within the roaming country, calling back to Pakistan, or receiving a call.