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What is BlackBerry™? What does it do?

BlackBerry™ is the leading wireless enterprise solution offered by Research in Motion Ltd. (RIM) that keeps mobile professionals connected to people and information while on the go. It is a proven platform that provides users around the world with secure, wireless access to a full suite of business applications including:

  • Email
  • Corporate data
  • Phone
  • SMS
  • Web
  • Organizer features
  • Multimedia features

BlackBerry™ solution comes with a Mobile phone, which allows you to get instant emails on your BlackBerry™ handset. These emails are push-based emails and you can access them while roaming nationally and internationally in selected locations. These emails can be your official and/or your personal emails. BlackBerry™ also allows you to surf the internet.

How does a BlackBerry™ work?

BlackBerry works on the Warid GPRS / EDGE network. Via the Warid GPRS / EDGE network your mails are sent and received from your BlackBerry handset.

How is BlackBerry™ different from the other Mobile email solutions advertised?

BlackBerry is different from the other mobile email solution in the following ways:

  • BlackBerry emails are ‘pushed’ to the handset, whereas in most of the other solutions, emails have to be ‘pulled’ by the user. Therefore, under BlackBerry the email is received instantaneously on the handset without any intervention on the part of the user, whereas under pull-based solutions, the user will have to continuously keep ‘synchronizing’ failing which his email will not get delivered to the handset
    • BlackBerry supports (a) Lotus Domino, and (b) MS Exchange
    • BlackBerry has much more advanced Security features than other Mobile email solutions
  • BlackBerry is an End-To-End solution including Server side software and handsets
What is the speed of data transmission?

Speed of data transmission is as per GPRS/EDGE standards. However BlackBerry™ uses proprietary compression techniques to utilize the GPRS/EDGE time slots/bandwidth in the best way to make delivery and retrieval of information as instantaneous as possible.

Do I need to have special training to work on BlackBerry™?

No special training is required. BlackBerry is very user friendly. Half a day of usage can acquaint you with the menus in the BlackBerry handset.

Does it work offline, even when Warid GPRS / EDGE connectivity is zero?

No, it does not work offline. You will have to be in Warid’s GPRS/EDGE coverage area. However, you will be able to read old emails in your mailbox while offline.

If my BlackBerry™ is stolen, how do I safeguard my data?

If your BlackBerry is stolen, than you have the facility of wirelessly erasing all the data on the handset.

Does it support Microsoft Office?

Yes, it supports opening of all Microsoft text attachments.

Can I open attachments using a BlackBerry? Can I edit/modify these attachments and email them again?

Yes, you can open Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, GIF and JPEG attachments using a BlackBerry™. You cannot edit the attachments with the standard applications of the BlackBerry™.

Does BlackBerry work on GPRS/EDGE or the GSM data platform?

BlackBerry™ works on the Warid GPRS/EDGE platform.

How do I edit an Excel Sheet or Word File in BlackBerry™, save it and then send it via email?

You cannot edit your attachments on the BlackBerry handset. You only have the facility to view the attachments

Can I see JPEG files/Image files while surfing on BlackBerry™ handset?

Yes, you can see JPEG files/Image files while surfing on BlackBerry handset

Can I download attachments from my web-based email while surfing on internet from my BlackBerry™?

Yes, you can download Microsoft Office text based attachments, PDF, JPEG and GIF files.

What is the BlackBerry helpline?

Dedicated Blackberry helpline 456 & email address for all support and information related matter

How is the BlackBerry™ handset different from any other feature-rich GPRS/EDGE enabled Pocket PC/Smart phone?

There are many Pocket PCs/Smart phones available. The features vary according to the cost of the handset and can include in-built phone cameras and/or camcorders in the high-end phones. BlackBerry™ handsets however are designed as an office-productivity tool and are optimized as such. The handset has features, which combined with its ‘thin’ shape and ‘light’ weight make the device very easy to use and carry.

Does BlackBerry™ have any camera attachments for the handsets?

Yes, all currently available handsets have in-built cameras.

What models does WARID have in the market

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900
  • BlackBerry Bold 9790
  • BlackBerry Curve 9320
  • BlackBerry Curve 9220

What BlackBerry Email services does WARID offer in the market

  • BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) a for individual customers to access POP3/IMAP emails

How to locate PIN#

  • On the device go to Options ; Status ; and locate the PIN #

How to reset

  • Remove the battery flap from the back
  • Remove the battery and leave out for 15-30 seconds
  • Insert the battery back inside and see the hour glass on the main screen

NOTE: You will not lose any information from the device

What are the service charges?

Blackberry Line Rent  
Internet Service 1000 Advance rental charges apply
Complete 600
Social 350

*Blackberry service rentals are charged in advance on a monthly basis on the date of your bill cycle.