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Enterprise GPRS Package

Corporate environment is a challenging playground requiring up-to-the-minute information and real time connectivity for effective decision making.

Warid now offers flexible tariff on a variety of GPRS based packages to match your data usage needs bundled with voice and SMS package plans to suit your pocket.

Now you can use Warid GPRS service to download cool websites‚ access your mails on your mobile or logon to your corporate intranet while being assured that these enterprise packages are the most economical package options available.


Following packages are available to choose from.

Postpaid Packages Line Rent Free Units Rate
Package – GPRS80 Rs. 80* 6MB Rs.12/Mb
Package - GPRS120 Rs. 120* 15MB Rs.10/Mb
Package - GPRS200 Rs. 200* 20MB Rs.8/Mb
Package - GPRS240 Rs. 240* 30 MB Rs.6/Mb
Package - Unlimited Edge ∞ Rs. 500** 5000 MB or 5 GB Rs. 0.2/Mb or 20 Pasia / Mb

Note: * 15% withholding tax applies

You will be charged on per KB basis (meaning you will be only charged based upon your actual usage)


Security deposit of  Rs. 500 apply for all of the above mentioned packages.

**The deposit required for activation of GPRS Infinity package has been revised from Rs.500 to Rs.1000.

The Unlimited Edge package has a limit of 5GB data. Once the user exceeds 5GB, incremental charging at the rate of Rs.0.20 / MB will apply.


  • Flexibility - different package plans to choose from
  • Economy - extremely competitive pricing

How it works?

Enterprise packages can be bundled with any commercial voice packages according to your requirement. e.g. Platinum voice package with GPRS 200 data package.

How to get?

Since you can get these GPRS enterprise package customized with or without voice for your individual needs‚ please call Warid helpline 321 or visit out Business Centers to avail this service.


  • Can a user get GPRS package with pre-paid connection?

    No‚ GPRS packages can be bundled with post-paid only.
  • Will I get an additional bill for GPRS package subscription?

    Yes .The process will be same as for post-paid bill. It will be sent to the current mailing address.
  • Are these packages only for new post-paid subscriptions?

    No‚ they can be bundled with existing post-paid connections as well.
  • Can I get a GPRS package without a basic voice package?

    Yes‚ you can subscribe to GPRS service only.