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Corporate Voice & Sms

Corporate Voice & SMS is a one-way communication tool which can be accessed anywhere via the Internet

It has been specially designed to provide a one-stop solution with convenience for our corporate customers and is a vital tool for:

  • Promoting businesses via corporate identity
  • New product promotions
  • Making regular contact with employees and staff members
  • Sending notifications, updates & announcements

Key Features of Corporate Voice & SMS Solution:

  • Multiple user login accounts with User Rights management for every subscriber account
  • Bilingual (English & Urdu) SMS support
  • Multiple SMS Masking
  • Dedicated company logo on GUI (can be uploaded from existing image file)
  • Contacts Management (easily Create, Save and upload contacts online or via CSV)
  • Create groups of contact with unlimited group size
  • Voice & SMS Broadcast Scheduler for contact(s) or group(s) on daily, weekly or as per choice
  • Campaign History (Can be downloaded onto your computer for offline viewing)

For further information and queries related to package costs, please contact:

Terms & Conditions:

  • Account are created upon receiving a formal request on company/organization letter heads along with a payment instrument such as PO/DD. (for details on package cost please contact
  • Protection of Login ID & Password shall be customer’s responsibility; however in case of a complaint from the authorized company representative(s) it may be reset
  • Corporate Voice & SMS is available only for registered companies/organizations having GST/NTN registration certificates
  • The Number of SMS masking per account is limited to five (5)
  • There is a common CLI for all outbound calls and is shared amongst users
  • The customers shall take complete responsibility and shall be liable for any illicit / offensive or otherwise should Warid be penalized on any communication to any customer via the Voice & SMS solution
  • Warid Telecom (Pvt) Ltd. has the right to withdraw/change or modify account access & privileges in cases where is it deemed necessary without prior intimation to the customer