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  • From where I can buy a fax number and MVO service? What are the prerequisites for buying this service?

    You can activate your MVO service from your nearest Warid Business Centers or Franchise. Our representative will guide you to activate the service
  • What are the activation charges and Monthly rent of the service?

    The activation charges are Rs. 50+tax (one time only) and the monthly rental is Rs. 50+tax only
  • What is my Fax number that I should give to my community for sending Fax to me

    On activation of service, you will be provided with the mobile number i.e. 03xx-xxxxxxx which will be your Fax Number. You can promote your fax number for your future communication
  • What is my email ID that I should give to my community for sending email to me?

    Your email address will be same of your Voice number i.e.
  • How would I know that someone has left voice message for me or has send fax or Email to me?

    Whenever you will receive any email, fax or voice message, an SMS will be sent to you on your voice number. To reach your fax, voice message or email, dial 101 from your Warid Voice Number and select your required option via IVR
  • How can I retrieve my Voice mail, Fax and Email?

    To reach your Voice message, Fax message or email Dial 101 from your voice number and follow the IVR
  • What is the URL and my Login and Password for Retrieval of Contents from web?

    To access your content from Web or Wap site type Your login and password will be provided to you at the time of activation of service
  • Can I print my Fax and Emails?

    Yes, you can print your Emails and Faxes from your inbox. Also, you can retrieve your Fax message from your nearest Fax machine. Simple dial 101, under the Fax options go to forward Fax Message and enter the Fax machine landline number
  • How can I change my Password?

    To change your password you need to login your MVO portal. Under the settings tab click the password link and follow the instructions to change the password
  • What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

    To retrieve your password please contact 321 and your password will be reset.
  • Should I need to make any configuration/settings in handset to after activating MVO service?

    Yes, to activate the MVO service you have to enable your diverts from handset. For assistance our Business center or franchise representative will guide you to activate the service or dial 321 for further assistance

    You can also activate the voice mail by dialing **004*101# from your handset
  • Can I use my Voice number without any interruption after activating MVO service?

    Yes, you can use your Voice number without any interruption and with additional services of email, fax and voice messages
  • Can send a new Email or Can I forward already receive Faxes and Emails?

    You can compose new email from your website. You can also forward your emails and fax from website as well as from you handset. To forward fax or email message, dial 101 and follow the instructions
  • What is capacity/Size of my Inbox and is there any limitation to a size of unique email and fax?

    You have been provided with 3 MB of inbox space.
  • What are charges for retrieval of Faxes/Emails and Voice mail from IVR and Web?

    There will be no charges for retrieving your Fax/Emails and Voice mail from IVR or web. However you will be charged as per your tariff plan for forwarding a fax message to traditional fax machine
  • Can I use MVO service if my number is blocked due to Nonpayment of my Bill?

    Your MVO services will be disabled automatically if your voice number is blocked due to Nonpayment of bill.
  • What is the min or max length of password?

    The min – max characters are 4-8 respectively.
  • Is there any character limitation in password (numeric or alpha numeric)?

    Password has to be Alphanumeric (i.e. Alphabets and numbers only)
  • Is this facility for all Warid customers?

    MVO service is for all postpaid users.