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Wireless Broadband - FAQs

1. What is Warid Wireless Broadband? What does it do?

Wireless Broadband can be inserted along with a SIM card in your laptop/desktop (in USB Slot). It works on GPRS/EDGE and gives you Anytime Anywhere Connectivity through internet wirelessly.

2.How does Wireless Broadband work?

Wireless Broadband works on the Warid EDGE/GPRS network. You can get connected to internet and do all that you want to do through internet wirelessly.

3.What are the advantages of using the Wireless Broadband?

Wireless Broadband advantages are:

  • Large International Roaming GPRS coverage (International Roaming service needs to be active to avail this service.)
  • Wide EDGE/GPRS coverage across Pakistan
  • Customized for Warid GPRS/EDGE usage (APN is customized to Warid)

4. How is Warid Wireless Broadband different from GPRS/EDGE enabled phone?

Warid Wireless Broadband is a USB shaped internet card which can be inserted in your Laptop/Desktop's USB slot and hence your laptop/Desktop becomes truly mobile and you can access internet connectivity anytime anywhere. On your GPRS/EDGE enabled phone you can connect it to your laptop/Desktop through a cable or infrared / Bluetooth Port and the usability and ease of use is restricted.

5. Which cities is this service available in?

You can get Wireless Broadband from Warid Business centers in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad or if you are a corporate customer you can contact your relevant Key Account Manager serving your company. Wireless Broadband will come with an additional postpaid SIM, which will have EDGE/ GPRS service provisioned on it.

  • Clifton Business Center  – Karachi
  • 1-K Business Center  , Lahore
  • Blue Area Business Center  , Islamabad

6.Will Wireless Broadband work while roaming anywhere in Pakistan?

Wireless Broadband will work anywhere in Pakistan where we have Warid GPRS/EDGE coverage.

7. Will Warid Wireless Broadband work while roaming internationally?

Wireless Broadband will work internationally where we have GPRS roaming tie up. (International Roaming service needs to be active to avail this service.)

8. Can I buy Wireless Broadband from other places apart from designated Business Centers?

Customers can buy Wireless Broadbands from market other than designated Business Centers and insert GPRS enabled Warid SIM; however, the working of Wireless Broadband cannot be guaranteed by Warid.

9. How do I use Wireless Broadband, do I require installation CD?

Customers can simply plug & play Wireless Broadband in their laptop/desktop (in USB slot). It’ll automatically install the executable file and Wireless Broadband is ready for use. 

10. I am a GPRS subscriber. Can I use Wireless Broadband?

Yes you can use Wireless Broadband with your existing connection provided you’ve GPRS service provisioned on your Warid SIM. Same charges will apply as applicable for the GPRS users. We have a separate package for Wireless Broadband, which is more economical in usage.

11. Can I use the Wireless Broadband on a laptop as well as on another computer?

Yes. You simply need to insert the Wireless Broadband into whatever computer you choose. However, you can’t be connected to the internet with two computers as the same time.

12. What do I do if my Warid Wireless Broadband is lost or stolen?

We would request you to please call Warid Helpline (321) to have your account de-activated immediately. Subsequently you can buy a new Wireless Broadband from our designated Business Centers.

13. Does it work offline, even when Warid connectivity is not there?

Wireless Broadband does not work offline. You will have to be in Warid coverage area for your Wireless Broadband to work.