Value Added Services on IR

Warid subscribers can now enjoy services provided by our roaming partner operators. Whether you are on business trips or vacation, now you can maximize each trip abroad with services to provide you needed information or just some enjoyment while you are away. 


Globe Telecom Philippines – Enjoy the Paradise of the Philippines

Globe Telecom provides a Directory service for its inbound roamersThis services works as a local search engine to help you find a friend, business, restaurant, hotel or any tourist destination while your stay in the Philippines.


Dial 114.  The call will be connected to an Interactive Voice System (IVR) and the roamer will be guided by voice prompts.


General Information – Always know where you are and where you are going.

Get information on hotels, restaurants, taxi, and tickets to maximize your trip abroad. Get information in several languages - Russian, English, German, French and Spanish.


Dial *633 and follow the voice prompts

Sri Lanka

Cricket Updates - A unique service that enables listening to live cricket updates, daily cricket news, exclusive cricket interviews, weekly horoscope etc.


Dial 777. This call will be automatically connected to an Interactive voice response system (IVR), where the inbound roamer would be entertained with cricket news and weekly horoscope updates through voice prompts.

City Guide - An exclusive information service for inbound roamers who log on to the Dialog network, to access tourist related information on Emergency numbers, Shopping malls, Hotels, Food outlets, Travel information, Entertainment etc.


Dial 778. The call will be automatically connected to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System where the inbound roamer would be guided through the interested categories by voice prompts.


Starhub - Cheaper Local Calls So You Don’t Incur Huge Bills

Roamers to incur cheaper local rates when making calls to other inbound roamers.


Dial #0 followed by the full phone number including country code – for example – dial #0 92 321 111 1111.

Turkcell Turkey – Find every thing you need to enjoy the country …. and more

Get Tourist Information Services at the touch of a button and explore this beautiful country

Tourist InfoLine 8088

Turkey Turkcell provides a Tourist Information Service hotline for roamers. This service allows roamers to get tourist and historical information, reach emergency numbers in Turkey, ask roaming and GSM-use related questions, inquire about the three digit emergency numbers (already outlined in our IOT), get translation service, obtain information regarding local travel alternatives, airline telephone numbers, hotels, libraries, cafes, restaurants, museums and local events (festivals, concerts, opera, etc) in many of the cities while in Turkey.


Call 8088 after selecting TURKCELL network and selecting the language alternative, customer care agents who speak English, French, Flemish, German, Persian and Russian assist roamers in countless subjects.

The call will be connected to an Interactive Voice System (IVR) and the roamer will be guided by voice prompts. Through this service roamers can not only get tourist related information but they can also listen to and download music, use dictionary application on their phones in case they need to communicate to the locals, get weather forecasts for a rainy day or even look up the best hotel in town while they visit Turkey.

Tourist Info Online Web Portal

Tourist Info Online includes Turkey's famous tourist Destinations and detail of where to stay? What to eat? Where to go?

Roamers may find detailed information about TURKCELL services via Tourist Info Online Web Portal.

Tourist WAP Service -


With TouristWAP you feel comfortable just like at home and access any information you need through your mobile phone.

Your Guide for Turkey is in your hands. TouristWAP not only provides you information about transportation, emergency telephones, and short codes but also supplies you the outdoor activities (golf, rafting, yachting, etc.) and more.

Earn Miles & Points / Earn Rewards

VERY NEWLY, as of 1st of June we have a new service TURKCELL ROAMING AWARDS for leisure travellers. You will earn roaming awards by making use of your mobile phone (call: 3 awards per minute/SMS: 1 award) on the Turkcell network in Turkey. These awards can be exchanged into all kind of goods and services in http://www.roamingawards/turkcell/

You will automatically earn up to 10 flight miles or points for every minute when you make a call or send SMS using Turkcell network in Turkey

To be eligible to earn awards when making calls or sending SMS, you need to register once with Travelling Connect.

You can register through internet: 

All you need to do is register with Travelling Connect and then manually switch your phone to the participating mobile network when you travel abroad. If you are a member of one of the following programs, you can start earning awards right away.