Roaming FAQs
Roaming FAQs

1. What are the call charges while on International Roaming?

Call charges for each country are quoted in US dollars in the International Roaming Tariff Guide. These rates are then converted to Pak Rupees at the prevailing exchange rates for that month and the Tariff Guide is updated accordingly. 

How to make calls in the visited country?

Making a call while roaming is no different than making a call in Pakistan. Only the rules reverse, as the roaming network of the visiting country becomes your home network for the time you are there.

How to make international calls while on roaming?

For international calls, dial the International Access Code, the country code, city code (minus the leading zero) before calling a landline of another country (including Pakistan). Therefore, in order to dial a landline number in Lahore, you will dial +9242 <number>

How will others access my Warid number?

Your family, friends and colleagues can call your Warid number in the usual way and they will only be charged for a routine call to a Warid number. Overseas callers will need to dial the full international access code, Pakistan's code followed by your Warid number excluding the leading zero, even if they are visiting that particular country. e.g. +92321 <number>  

Will SMS work on International Roaming?

Not only will your SMS work, but will also make your communication much more cost effective. Please refer to the IR Tariff Sheet for the outgoing SMS charges. Incoming SMS is FREE for all networks!

Which value added services do not work on International Roaming?

Following services might not work while you are roaming:

  • CLI
  • Call Waiting
  • Voice Mail
  • Call Forwarding
  • Conference Call

How to contact Warid while roaming abroad?

If you encounter any difficulties while you are abroad, you can call Warid Contact Center on +92 42 111 111 321. Calls will be charged at the international rate. Or you can write to us at