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About International Roaming

You never have to leave Pakistan without your number…

A big world requires big coverage and that is exactly what Warid is all about. Warid now brings the whole world to your mobile phone. Leave the country, see the world, but never lose contact with home. Take Warid IR with you; from sightseeing to business, your Warid phone will let you maintain your connections worldwide without changing your number or the hassle of getting multiple bills.

Postpaid Roaming

Roam seamlessly with Warid

Warid offers premium international roaming rates to ensure that you always stay bonded with your friends and family back home. Keep them posted with the latest happenings while you are on the move!

International Roaming Tariffs

International Roaming FAQs

GPRS Roaming

Always stay connected to home

With Warid's GPRS roaming available, you can communicate away from home in more ways than usual. Now you may access your emails, play online games, exchange media-rich contents, and do so much more.

GPRS services are already provisioned with regular IR. You only need to request GPRS activation by calling Warid helpline (321). Please note that GPRS is unavailable while your SMS Roaming is active. We suggest you get your GPRS settings configured and the service activated prior to departure. We also encourage you to test your GPRS handset before you leave Pakistan.

Handset Requirement

Pick a phone, the right one.

  • For most countries you will need Tri-band handsets/Devices (GSM 900/1800/1900)
  • For roaming in Japan/Korea, you need a W-CDMA handset. Click here to download W-CDMA handset user guide.

Important Note For Smart Phone Users:

  • In order to avoid abnormal high bills while using International GPRS roaming, all smart phone users are requested to disconnect the ‘Data Connection/Cellular Data’ option in their mobile phones to avoid auto sync issues.

GPRS IR Tariff Sheet

GPRS Roaming FAQs