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Unlimited Edge

Say hello to a faster, enhanced GPRS browsing experience with the Unlimited Edge Mobile Internet add-on for Warid Postpaid users.

Now you can stay online on your mobile phone wherever you go, all month round without constantly worrying about exceeding your data limit.

The Unlimited Edge Add-on provides ample data capacity for you to check emails regularly, surf the web, chat, stream videos and indulge in social networking on your mobile phone.

EDGE is an Enhanced form of GPRS, which is four times as efficient as GPRS.

Postpaid Mobile Internet Package Line Rent Free Units Rate (Rs.)
Unlimited* Edge – Add-on
Rs. 500**
5 GB
Rs. 0.2/Mb or
20 Pasia / Mb
Note: 15% withholding tax applies

You will be charged on per KB basis (meaning you will be only charged based upon your actual usage)

**The security deposit required for Unlimited Edge package is Rs.1000.

  • Freedom – To surf the web, check emails, browse face book pages, chat, watch videos on YouTube and much more, all month long with peace of mind.
  • Economy - competitive pricing

How it works?

The ‘Unlimited Edge’ Add-on can be bundled with any postpaid voice package according to your requirement. e.g. Postpaid 250 package with Unlimited Edge mobile internet Add-on.
How to get?

Since you can get this Add-on package customized with or without voice for your individual needs‚ please call Warid helpline 111-111-321 or visit your nearest Warid Business Centers to avail this service.


  • Can a user get Unlimited Edge Add-on with pre-paid connection?

    No‚ Unlimited Edge Add-on package can be bundled with post-paid only.
  • Will I get an additional bill for Unlimited Edge Add-on subscription?

    Yes .The process will be same as for post-paid bill. It will be sent to the current mailing address.
  • Is this Add-on only for new post-paid subscriptions?

    No, it can be bundled with existing post-paid connection as well.
  • Can I get the Unlimited Edge Add-on without a basic voice package?

    Yes‚ you can subscribe to ‘Unlimited Edge’ service alone.

EDGE services will be provided wherever EDGE supporting coverage is available else the same Add-on running on GPRS will be provided in its place.

*Fair Usage policy of 5 GB of data applies on the Unlimited Edge package. Once the user exceeds 5 GB, data usage will not be stopped, however incremental charging at the rate of Rs.0.20 / MB will apply.