Recharge Via Scratch Card
Recharge (Via Scratch Card)

Warid Prepaid Scratch Card can be purchased over the counter. With a Warid Prepaid card you enjoy the convenience and ease of paying in advance for using the mobile services. The calling value on your card keeps reducing as you make calls, as per the applicable tariff.

To recharge your Warid Prepaid card you enter the 16-digit recharge PIN number. Once done, the calling value & the validity of the recharge coupon get added to your account immediately.

Scratch cards are available in the following denominations: Rs. 100‚ 250‚ 500‚ 1000.


Warid scratch cards are widely available at all departmental counters and their retailers situated in all small and large city markets. It is also available at the Warid Customer Service Centre (CSC) in your city.

How do I load up a scratch card

  • 1. Scratch off the holographic silver panel to reveal the 16–digit code.
  • 2. Dial *161*[16 digit code]# and press Send.
    Dial 123 from your phone and follow the instructions.

How do I check my balance

Dial *100# and press Send. Rs 0.10 + tax
To listen to your balance dial 121


Rs 0.50+tax


Recharge Value (Rs.) Validity (In Days)
0-99 90
100-249 120
250-499 150
500-999 180
1,000 and above 365

Grace period of 90 days is awarded over and above the validity period


1. What is the date for revision of new validities?

The new validities will be applicable from 17th February, 2010 onwards

2. What will happen to the validity of my existing balance?

The validity of your existing balance is same as communicated at the time of recharge.

3. Is there any effect on my balance due to revision in validities?

No. There will not be effect on balance amount due to revised validities.

4. What is the grace period?

Credit Grace period is the period where subscriber is not allowed to make any outgoing event (Call/ SMS etc) unless subscriber recharges. In case subscriber fails to recharge account with in grace period, the balance will be lost.

SIM Grace period is the period where all incoming events (calls/SMS) are blocked unless subscriber recharges. In case subscriber fails to recharge account within the grace period, the number can be deleted at the expiry of the grace period.

5. Which validity is higher? SIM or credit?

As long as credit is valid, SIM is valid too. However incase credit is invalid, SIM validity shall be checked as per process. Further,

  • For every re-charge, SIM validity will also be extended along with credit validity
  • In case of no or zero balance, SIM validity to extend 90days from the date of the last outgoing call/SMS, incoming call or GPRS session
  • If there is not any recharge reported after activation, SIM will be valid for 120days from activation.

6. How can I check my credit validity?

Credit Validity can be checked by dialing 121 @ Rs. 0.50+tax/minute.