Jazz Warid Unified Recharge
Jazz Warid Unified Recharge

As part of our 51 Million family on the Jazz-Warid network, we are committed to bringing benefits for our customers. The number ONE network of Pakistan brings big news for its Warid customers, who will be happy to know that they can now also use Jazz Scratch cards and Jazz load to top up their balance!


Q: What will be the string for recharging card for Jazz & Warid?

A: Current Jazz strings mentioned on the scratch cards will be available for Warid recharge as well.

Q: What will be the Tax calculation?

A: Tax deductions will remain same as per provincial taxes of Pakistan for both Warid & Jazz.

Q: What will be the scratch card denominations available to both customers?

A: Denominations will remain same as per existing Jazz Scratch Card.

Q: What will be the validity of scratch cards?

A: Every new recharge will have infinite validity.

Q: Will I be getting notification if I recharge Warid Card on Jazz Number?

A: Yes.

Q: If I recharge Warid scratch card/load what will happen to Jazz Advance which I had taken previously?

A: Jazz Advance will be deducted as per normal process.

Q: Will I be able to avail Bonus on Recharge/any other recharge offer if I use Warid scratch card/load on Jazz number?

A: Yes.

Q: Can Jazz Retailer load on Warid numbers?

A: Yes.

Q: What would be the refund process against Jazz cards for Warid customers? i.e. Over scratch cards, Fraudulent cards, Blocked on Stolen cards, Damaged card etc.

A: In case of any of the above mentioned issues with load/scratch cards, customers should visit their respective outlets for further assistance.

Q: Where do I go for handling of complaint related to Jazz cards?

A: Customer should visit your respective Business Center or Franchise.

Q: Can I use Warid card for Jazz Postpaid bill payment & vice versa ?

A: Yes, Jazz postpaid recharge can be made using Warid Scratch Card as well.

Q: Warid is offering recharge through SMS on Postpaid, will Jazz subscribers also have this facility?

A: No, Jazz users will keep on using their USSD method.

Q: Would there be any change in recharge process for Postpaid?

A: There will be a separate String for postpaid customer.

Q: Is there any change in payment via EVC?

A: There will be a proper process, Warid customer can now recharge their account via Jazz retailers.