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It's a known fact that the element of trust is what takes every relationship forward. To strengthen this bond of trust we at Warid focus on our customers as the center of all our efforts and services. In order to stand apart as an honest and transparent service provider who is fair in all its dealings, we provide you with good enough reasons to believe in us.

With services like our free of cost End of Call Notification (EOCN) for prepaid users instantly informing about remaining balance after each call, a single SMS led bill check for postpaid users and free data usage updates on International Roaming, we ensure that Warid stands out to facilitate you to the fullest.

End of Call Notification (EOCN)

Warid Telecom is the only mobile operator which provides this Free of Cost service for Prepaid customers whereby they are informed of their billing usage after every call, SMS or internet usage via a pop-up message on their mobile screens.

Postpaid Bill Info via SMS

Postpaid customers can conveniently get their billing information via a single SMS by sending the keyword 'B' to 321, free of charge. For details on other similar services click here.

Warid offers its valued customers a bundle of free and convenient services, through which customers can get product and services information, check their billing information, confirm payment history, free minutes, SMS and GPRS counters as well as confirm their list of friends and family numbers through a simple process.

All customer needs to do is to send an SMS to 321 and the required details will be shared absolutely free of cost.

Services In SMS, Type Short Code Details
Prepaid HELP Menu Help 321 Check details of Prepaid tariff & Services via SMS based interactive menu
Postpaid Billing Info B 321 Get billing details of postpaid number via free SMS
Postpaid Payment History P 321 Get details of last five successful payments made against your postpaid number
Free Minutes info FM 321 Check remaining free minutes of postpaid number
MY5 Free Minutes info My5 321 Check remaining free minutes of postpaid My5 package
Tariff Confirmation Tariff 321 Confirm tariff plan against your prepaid & postpaid numbers
Zoom Counter ZC 321 Postpaid Zoom SMS counter information
GPRS Counter GC 321 Postpaid GPRS counter information
Friends & family List List 321 Check friends & family list against your prepaid & postpaid numbers
PUK Code Retrieval PUK Number CNIC 321 Confirm PUK code of any Warid number

International Roaming Data Usage Alerts

Warid puts an end to shock you receive in the form of surprise bills while roaming internationally by offering industry first, real-time Data Usage Alerts. By this Free of cost service, you will be informed of your Internet usage through an SMS after every 4 hours while roaming abroad.

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What are Warid Data Usage Alerts?

Postpaid subscriber using data roaming service will now be informed of their data usage in the last 4 hours via SMS. This will give all roaming subscribers control of their data usage and they can switch off their data roaming services anytime, if desired.

What information will the Data Usage Alert contain?

The subsequent messages sent after every 4 hours will only contain data usage incurred during last 4 hours. Message will not accumulate previous data usage. For example:

"Dear Customer, Last 4 hours DATA usage for your number is ---KB. Smartphone users can stop Data Services/Auto Sync options anytime to avoid over billing"

What are the charges to subscribe for this service?

All Warid postpaid roamers using data roaming can avail this offer free of cost.

How to unsubscribe this service?

Simply Dial 321 to talk to our Customer Service Representative and unsubscribe this service.