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Prepaid Tariff


Warid Prepaid
1 Second

Warid Prepaid Lowest Call Rate 
30 Seconds

Warid Prepaid
60 Seconds
Friends & Family (On-Net) 0.02 0.49 0.79
Friends & Family (Off-Net) - 0.75 -
On-Net (Warid to Warid) 0.03 0.85 1.30
Off-Net (Landline) 0.04 0.85 1.85
Off-Net (Other Mobile) 0.05 0.85 2.35
On-Net (Warid to Warid) 1.50 1.50 1.50
Off-Net (Other Mobile) 1.50 1.50 1.50
International 5.00 5.00 5.00
MMS 3.00 3.00 3.00
Mobile Internet * Rs. 1.2/Unit Rs. 1.2/Unit Rs. 1.2/Unit
Warid Prepaid Talky 0.99/30sec 0.99/30sec 0.99/30sec
Warid Prepaid Talky International 3.00/30sec 3.00/30sec 3.00/30sec
Warid Menu Services 2.00 2.00 2.00
Warid Phone book Backup Rs. 10 Rs. 10 Rs. 10
  * No additional charges
Mobile Downloads
Ringtones 2.00 2.00 2.00
Wallpaper/Logo/Animation/Picture Messages 2.00 2.00 2.00
Caller Tunes Subscription 10 10 10
Caller Tunes Tone Assignment 10/Song 10/Song 10/Song
Caller Tunes IVR (105) Charges 5/Minute 5/Minute 5/Minute
Funstore (555) 5/Minute 5/Minute 5/Minute
Other Charges
FnF Addition 9.00 9.00 9.00
FnF Deletion 2.00 2.00 2.00

Terms & Conditions
  • All charges are exclusive of government taxes and levies including 19.5% Federal Excise Duty on usage & 14% withholding tax on recharge
  • Prices are subject to change at Warid’s discretion
  • For Warid Prepaid 1 Second and Warid Prepaid 60 Seconds packages, 5 On-Net(Warid to Warid) numbers can be selected as FnF
  • For Warid Prepaid Lowest Call Rate 30 Seconds package, 4 On-Net(Warid to Warid) and 1 Off-Net (PTCL/other mobile) number can be selected as FnF
  • Enjoy best FnF rates and change your FnF numbers any time for Rs.7+tax per number! 
    SMS <Add or Del><space><number> sms short code is 2129 
    You can change your F&F numbers as many times as you want.
  • MMS is charged both for receiving and sending
  • MMS unit is a message of size 300kb On-Net and 100kb Off-Net
  • Mobile Internet unit is per 64KB
  • For Warid Prepaid Talky, both first time message retrieval and listening to old messages are charged at Rs. 0.30 + Tax per 30 Seconds.
  • Caller Tunes activation charges are Rs.2+ tax
  • To register to Warid Phonebook Service, SMS “REG” to 400
  • Dial 555 to access Funstore & download content such as ringtones, picture messages & greetings
  • Standard GPRS charges apply on downloads of Polytones, True tones, Coloured Wallpapers Coloured Greetings and Animations
  • For Prepaid connection, please make sure that you submit your Warid connection form with a copy of your NIC
  • If subscriber has neither performed any chargeable activity nor has received incoming call for a continuous period of 120 days, Warid may terminate the account and recycle the number. 
  • All calls will automatically disconnect after 50 minutes.
  • Warid per na pasandeeda numbers sai aanay wali calls aur SMS block karnay kay leay apnay mobile se block<space> Number likh ker 420 per SMS karein. Charges fee SMS 2 rupia ilawa tax aur 19 rupay mahana ilawa tax hein.
  • 19.5% FED on usage and 14% withholding tax on recharge apply alongwith 5% admin fee and 5% maintenance charges
  • For Prepaid Balance Inquiry Dial *100# for Rs.0.20+tax.
  • For any query call 321 helpline for Rs. 2+tax (50 paisas per call and Rs.1.50 for customer services representative).
  • In Islamabad, AJK, Balochistan, Gilgit/Baltistan and FATA an additional 0.84% will be charged on all services and packages.