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Caller Tunes

Dear Users! Warid Brings Caller Tune Handset Promo. - Currently if you are not subscribed , subscribe now and get a chance to win Huawei P6 Handset in the weekly lucky Draw.

Each week four lucky winners will get Huawei P6 Handsets

For Terms & Conditions Click Here.

The Promo will last four weeks:

1st Week: 20th Mar - 26th Mar

2nd Week: 27th Mar - 2nd April

3rd Week: 03rd Mar - 9th April

4th Week: 10th Mar - 16th April

Now Warid Caller Tunes can be purchased from Warid Retailers nationwide! Visit your nearest retailer to subscribe to Caller Tunes and buy tunes of your choice!


“Warid Callertunes Contents shall only be available to the subscribers as long as the contents’ copy rights remain valid. The Callertunes Contents may not be available once the Contents’ copy rights have expired. The availability of the Callertunes Contents are not for a specific period of time; therefore Warid Telecom reserves the right to remove any Caller tunes Contents from its relevant service at any time, in its sole discretion without assigning any reasons what so ever and without assuming any liabilities what so ever in nature”.

Greet every caller with a song of your choice. Warid Caller tunes allows entertaining your callers while they are waiting for you to answer their call by replacing the standard connecting tone 'Tring Tring' with a tune or script of your choice. Instead, they can groove to the hottest new tracks on the music scene, every time they call you!! Play popular songs for as many friends as you like. Choose your song from Bollywood to International hits, whacky sounds to pure Pakistani, and more. You can set one common tune for all or customize a tune for specific callers like your wife or boss.


  • How can I set Warid Caller Tune on my mobile?

    Just dial 105 and follow the simple instructions to activate your Caller Tune.
  • What Caller Tunes can I set on my mobile?

    You can set your favorite Bollywood, Pakistani, English and many more as your Caller Tune.
  • Through what other medium can I subscribe to caller tunes?

    To avail our diverse categories of caller tunes you can go to the following:

Terms and Conditions for Warid Caller Tunes

  • Warid is engaged in the business of providing inter alia, mobile telecommunication services and ancillary services including value added services (“Warid Services”) in Pakistan, AJK and GilgitBaltistan (collectively referred to as the “Territory”) to the consumers of Warid Services (“Customers”);
  • Warid is also offering caller tunes (“Warid Caller Tunes”) as a part of its various value added services(“VAS Services”). Warid Caller Tunes allows entertaining callers of the Customers while they are waiting for the Customer to answer their call, by replacing the standard connecting tone 'TringTring' with a tune or script of Customer’s choice;
  • The terms and conditions mentioned herein (“Terms and Conditions”) shall determine the rights and liabilities of Warid and the Customer regarding the use of Warid Caller Tunes. In order to avail the Warid Caller Tunes Services, the Customer shall accept the Terms and Conditions in their totality by subscribing to Warid Caller Tunes Services and such subscription shall be the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions in their totality by the Customer.The subscription charges for availing Warid Caller Tunes Services shall be Rs. 2.00 (“Activation Charges”)which shall be charged by Warid for integration of Customer’s cell number (“MSISDN”) to Warid Caller Tunes Service platform (“Warid MRBT”). Further the Prepaid Customer shall be charged for Rs. 1 per day while post-paid will be charged Rs 30 exclusive of taxes per month against the maintenance of above mentioned integration between the Customer’s MSISDN and Warid MRBT(“Subscription Charges”);
  • After subscription in Warid Caller Tunes Service, the Customer shall find a vast library of caller tunes on the Warid MRBT to select against their MSISDN.
  • To assign any Warid Caller Tune from Warid MRBT (which contains the library of caller tunes) against the Customer MSISDN, the Customer shall be charged for Rs. 10 (excluding applicable taxes) per Warid Caller Tune;
  • The Customer may assign as many Warid Caller Tunes against its MSISDN as the Customer wishes, but maximum of five Warid Caller Tunes may be added to the Customer’s Caller Tunes account (hereinafter referred to as the “Music Box”) at a single time; Warid Caller Tunes made available by the Customer in his Music Box shall ring randomly for his callers.In addition the Customer may assign a maximum of fiveWarid Caller Tunes to a particular caller (“Dedicate”).In addition, the customer mayassign a maximum of five Warid Caller Tunes called“Copy tunes”to his “Copy Box”which he may do so by pressing # or * when listening to Caller tune of another Warid Customer. In addition,a user can gift or be gifted a maximum of tenWarid Caller tunes to a Gift Box.The user has the ability to reject a gifted tune if he so wishes.
  • The Customer may assign Warid Caller Tunes through the following options:
    • SMS (For each SMS, the Customer shall be charged separately as per Warid’s applicable tariffs whereof the details can be obtained from besides other charges mentioned herein;
    • IVR (by dialing at Short Code 105; however the Customer’s call at Short Code 105 shall be charged at Rs. 5 plus tax per min besides Activation Charges and Daily Subscription Charges mentioned herein);
    • Warid’s website; and Warid’s WAP Site (the Customer shall be charged separately against the GPRS use as per Warid’s applicable tariffs whereof the details can be obtained from
  • Any Customer who does not agree with the Terms and Conditions may opt to unsubscribe from Warid Caller Tunes Service;
  • Any Customer may unsubscribe from Warid Caller Tunes Services by deactivating using SIM Toolkit or sending ‘OFF’to 7171however on unsubscribing from Warid Caller Tunes Services, all Warid Caller Tunes assigned by the Customer shall deactivated and shall not remain available to the Customer.

Dear Customers, Caller Tunes subscription charges will be revised effective from 21 January, 2013.
Postpaid Customers: Rs.30+tax/month
Prepaid Customers: Rs.1+tax/day