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Warid Caller Tunes Prize Scheme – Win an iPhone-5 !

Win an iPhone-5 every week!

Set as many Warid Caller Tunes as you can!

All you have to do is dial 105 or visit to set the maximum number of unique Caller Tunes on your phone this week and become the top customer and win an iPhone-5 , a Golden Number & a Nano SIM!

2 winners to be announced only in the first week!

Rules for the Prize scheme are as follows:

  • The duration of this promotion is 4 weeks starting 25th Dec 2012 till 21st Jan 2013
  • There will be one weekly winner except for the first week for which two winners will be announced
  • All existing and new Subscribers to Warid Caller Tunes are eligible for this promotion, for exceptions please refer to Terms and Conditions
  • To win this fabulous iPhone, you have to set the maximum number of new (unique) Caller tunes for the week
  • The winner will be informed via a call from Warid 00321
  • In case of a tie winner will be determined bya draw between the tied winners
  • Winners will also be advertized on Warid website and Facebook/OfficalWarid page
  • Prize must be claimed within 15 days of announcement of the winnerotherwise it will be offered to the runners up
  • Participants must acknowledge that Warid’s decisions shall be final and binding on them
  • One time Subscription
    Rs 2+tax
  • Per Caller Tune (Music Box/Copy Box/Dedications/Gifts )
    Rs 10+tax
  • Pre-Paid Daily Charges
    Rs 1 + tax
  • Post-Paid Monthly Charges
    Rs 30+tax
  • IVR charges /min
    Rs 5+tax

* Term and conditions for Warid Caller Tunes are on

** To get tunes visit

*** Subscribers are allowed to assign a maximum of 5 Caller tunes at one time to the Music Box/Copy Box/Dedication each. Additional requests will be denied until modified. Max 10 tunes can be gifted to your friends, relatives and loved ones.

Terms and Conditions for Warid Caller Tunes Service Promotional Campaign (“Win an IPhone 5”)

1. The Caller Tunes

  • Warid has been offering a value added service namely “Warid Caller Tunes” under the terms and conditions thereto which determine the rights and liabilities of Warid and the Customer regarding the use of Warid Caller Tunes.
  • Now Warid has launched a promotional campaign namely “Win an IPhone 5”(the “Campaign”) for Warid Caller Tunes Service under these terms and conditions which shall be supplementary to the Terms and Conditions for Warid Caller Tunes Service and form a single document of Terms and Conditions for the purposes of the Campaign.
  • The Campaign shall be valid for a period (“Campaign Period”) of 4 weeks from (“Commencement Date”).
  • All Customers who assign Warid Caller Tunes after the Commencement Date shall be eligible to participate in the Campaign (the “Participant”)and find an opportunity to win the prize(“Prize”). Such Participant shall also include the Customer subscribed in the Warid Caller Tunes Service and assigned Warid Caller Tunes after the Commencement Date.
  • The Customers eligible for the Prizesshall be selected on the basis of assigning maximum Warid Caller Tunes during the Campaign Period(the “Winner”). During the total Campaign Period five Winners shall be selected for awarding Prizes. In each week of the Campaign Period, one Winner shall be selected except the first week of the Campaign Period wherein two Winners shall be selected who shall be the two top assignees of the Warid Caller Tunes.
  • Each Winner shall be awarded with a Prize of one (01) iPhone 5, one (01) nano SIMand one (01) golden number.
  • The Winners shall be selected on the basis of assigning maximum Warid Caller Tunes against their MSISDN during the relevant week of the Campaign Period, however in case of a tie between two top scoring Participantsin each respective week, a lucky draw will be held between such top scorers in order to determine the Winner of the Prize for that respective week.
  • The Winner shall be contacted by Warid and such Winner shall undertake in writing that he is, the lawful owner of the SIM and MSISDN (cell number), entitled to receive the Prize and in case of any claimant disputing the receiving of such Prize he shall be responsible for the settlement of such dispute and shall indemnify Warid in full regarding such dispute (includingbut not limited to all cost, expenses and reasonable attorney fees incurred by Warid in relation thereto).
  • All Prizes will be awarded not later than 60 days of the expiry of Campaign Period.
  • All Prizeswill be subject to applicable Taxes before being handed over to the Winners.
  • The Winner shall be required to produce his original CNIC for verification of his antecedents from Warid record and after verification such Winner shall be given the Prize.
  • If the Winner shall be under 18, then the prize will be awarded to the person whose name the SIM is registered and the prize will be handed over only after verification of his CNIC, in accordance here with.
  • Warid reserves the right to disqualify any Winner to receive the prize if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the Winner has breached any provision of the Terms and Conditions and/or the terms and conditions agreed by the Winner/Customer for availing Warid Services.
  • The Winner shall provide all the documents required by Warid including an undertaking that he is not the franchisee of Warid, retailer of Warid or employee of Warid, affiliated companies of Warid or sister companies of Warid, and further he does not have any First Degree Relative as franchisee of Warid, in the employment of Warid,affiliated companies of Warid or sister companies of Warid .
  • The Participant agrees that Warid may use such photographs, videos and audio recordings taken at the time of Prize distribution, communication happened/exchanged during contact by Warid for intimation of prize winning and other information including names, surnames etc in Warid’s advertisements of the Campaign without any further/prior/specific consent for such purpose. The consent given here and the incorporation of any contents/information in the advertisement of the Campaign shall not entitle the Participant for any remuneration/amount in any manner. The terms and conditions contained herein for receiving the Prize shall remain applicable even if any contents/information mentioned above shall be incorporated/released in the advertisements of the Campaign.
  • If the notified Winner cannot be reached/contacted, disqualified or refuses the Prize, fails to pay the amount of applicable taxes on the Prize or fails to appear to collect it, within 15 calendar days (the “Grace Period”) of the notification/intimation, then Warid will contact the next top scorer Participant and declare such runner up Participant the winner of the Prize. After the lapse of the Grace Period, the claim from any Participant shall not be entertained without regard to the reason of such delay/lapse.
  • The Participant acknowledges that the decisions made by Warid shall be final and binding on him.