Love Meter
This service is going to be discontinued from 14-May 2018 for new subscriptions. However, existing customers may enjoy services until 21-Aug 2018. Click Here to view the complete list of services that are going to be discontinued.
Love Meter

“When you are in Love, you can’t fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams” Dr. Seuss

Are you in love with somebody? Wanna know more about your relationship? Find out the intensity of your love in numbers. Just type “your name” <space>”your partner’s name” in SMS and send it to 1001. You will find amazing facts about your relationship with your partner.


Sheheryar Fariha -> Send to 1001

Zodiac Match Service

Get to know more about your relationship with your friends, family, loved ones via our ‘Zodiac Match service”.

Simply send your Zodiac sign & your partner Zodiac sign to 1005


Sagittarius Leo -> Send to 1005


Charges for 1001 Rs. 10+t/SMS for both Postpaid & Prepaid.
Charges for 1005 Rs. 5+t/SMS for both Postpaid & Prepaid.