Warid Radio Station
This service is going to be discontinued from 22nd June 2018 for new subscriptions. However, existing customers may enjoy services until 21-Aug 2018. Click Here to view the complete list of services that are going to be discontinued.
Warid Radio Station

Warid Radio Station brings Radio and TV directly to your mobile phones! You can receive live feed over your cell phones with the option to browse different Radio and TV stations .By subscribing to Warid Radio Station, you will be able to browse through our content catalogue at any time, in the language of your choice*.

Warid Radio Station gives you the ability of browsing through the following TV and Radio channels from your mobile phones:


  • 8xM
  • Aaj TV
  • Abbtakk
  • Apna Channel
  • Dawn News
  • Dunya TV
  • Express News
  • Madani Channel
  • News One
  • Oxygene
  • Play TV
  • Samaa TV
  • TV One Global


  • Flare FM99
  • FM 100
  • FM 100
  • FM 106.2
  • FM 107.4 - SAMAA
  • FM91
  • SAMAA FM 107


Dial 3030 to access Warid Radio Station. After subscribing through the IVR, you will receive a confirmation SMS from shortcode 3030 to confirm your subscription.


Warid Prepaid and Glow Customers

Subscription – Rs.1.00+tax/day IVR Charges on 3030 – Rs. 0.20+Tax

Warid Postpaid Customers

Subscription – Rs.30+tax/month
IVR Charges on 3030 – Rs. 0.20+Tax

*Warid Radio Station is available in English and Urdu