Warid Voiler
Warid Voiler

Warid proudly introduces Voiler – Pakistan’s first Voice based Social Networking Service. You can receive and share interesting updates about your favorite celebrities by listening to their Star kahaanian and exchange exciting messages with them. You can also participate in various competitions and win a great opportunity of having dinner with your favorite Stars! Record your message in your own voice and share it with your friends and family or listen to their recorded messages.

How to Subscribe

You can subscribe to Voiler by sending "SUB" to 7060 at Rs. 1+tax/day
Dial 7060 from your mobile and press '1' to activate

How to Unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe from Voiler by sending "UNSUB" to 7060.
Dial 7060 from your mobile and press '0' to activate


Features Short Codes Charges
Service Subscription - Rs. 1+t/Day
Service Usage IVR 7060 50 Paisas +t/Min
SMS 7060 No Charges
Hotline- Exclusives 7064 Rs. 10+t/min
Hotline Bridged 7065 Rs. 2.5+t/Min

*Talk to your celebrity!

Bridged – where multiple customers can join a group chat and listen or participate in an on-going conversation

Hotline exclusive – where customers can talk to their celebrities directly in a private conversation.

Hotline services are announced from time to time.


Celebrities Voiler IDs
Ali Azmat 222
Junaid Jamshed 786
Bilal Saeed 600
Fariha Pervaiz 101
Fiza Ali 123
IbrarUlHaq 444
Iftikhar Thakur 911
Imran Abbas 888
Jawad Ahmed 606
Juggun Kazim 333
Mathira 666
Mawra 920
Meera 100
Myra Khan 555
Rabi Peerzada 707
Raja Haider 500
Sahir Lodhi 777
Sahista Lodhi 999
SANA Film Star 505
Shoaib Akhtar 111
Wasi Shah 202
Zara Sheikh 808

SMS Commands:

Action SMS <Keyword> to 7060
To subscribe sub
To unsubscribe unsub
To get your WaridVoiler ID myid
To set your Voiler name name <space> Your Name
To follow a celebrity follow <space> 3 Digit ID
To un-follow a celebrity unfollow<space> 3 Digit ID
To follow a Voiler follow <space> 7 Digit ID
To un-follow a Voiler unfollow<space> 7 Digit ID
To add to favorites fav<space> 3 or 7 Digit ID
To remove from favorites unfav<space> 3 or 7 Digit ID
To see the people you are following list
To search for celebrities search <space> First/last or Full Name
Help menu request help


  • Follow a Celebrity – Follow voice messages of your favorite celebrities including actors, sports stars, business personalities and religious figures.
  • Be a Voiler - Become a voiler, listen to your own voils, share with family and friends or invite them to join
  • Follow a Friend – You can now stay in touch with your friends and family by following them through their Voiler ID
  • Star Kahani – Listen to short stories of your favorite celebrities’ in their own authentic voice!
  • *Hotline - Live chat with your favorite celebrities

*Hotline schedules are announced on a regular basis.

Service Mechanics:

Users will dial 7060 to access the service.

Prepaid /Postpaid users will be asked to subscribe to the service by pressing 1.

Once subscribed, follow the IVR instructions.


What is Voiler?

Voiler is Pakistan’s first voice-based social networking service. Users can follow their favourite celebrities as well as friends & family by listening to their voice messages and leaving voice replies.

How can we subscribe to Voiler?

You can subscribe to Voiler by sending “SUB” to 7060 @ Re. 1+ tax/day. There are no charges for SMS navigation.
Or you can simply dial 7060 from your Warid number @ Re.1+tax/day & Rs.0.50+tax/minute

How do we listen to a specific celebrity of our choice?

SMS: You can send Search<Space>Celebrity Name to 7060 to search for the ID of your favorite celebrity. Once you have the ID you can dial 7060+3Digit ID of the celebrity to listen to the voils of the star. For Eg. Dial 7060111 to listen to Shoaib Akhtar.

How do I switch categories?

If you want to switch categories you can press * at any stage to go back to the main menu of Voiler.

What if I want to go one step back at any stage?

At any menu “press 0” to go back to the previous menu.

How can we follow a certain Voiler?

Send follow<space>Voiler ID to 7060. Voiler ID needs to be 7 Digit. Eg. Follow 1234567.

You can also follow a voiler in “BE A VOILER SECTION” by dialing 7060. When the system prompts you enter the ID of the voiler.

How do I unfollow a certain Voiler?

Send unfollow<space>Voiler ID to 7060. Voiler ID needs to be 7 Digit. Eg.unfollow 1234567.

You can also unfollow a voiler in BE A VOILER SECTION by dialing 7060. When the system prompts you enter the ID of the voiler.

How can we follow a celebrity?

Send followCelebrity ID to 7060 to follow a voiler. Celebrity ID needs to be 3 Digit. Eg. Follow 111.

How can we unfollow a celebrity?

Send unfollow<space>Celebrity ID to 7060 to unfollow a voiler. Celebrity ID needs to be 3 Digit. Eg.unfollow 111.

How do I like a voil instead of replying to it?

Our menu gives you the option of simply liking the voil instead of replying to it. This menu comes after the thevoil is played.

What do I do if a voil is inappropriate?

You can mark the voil as abusive. This option comes after the voil is played.

What is Star Kahani?

In Star Kahani, users can listen to interesting stories narrated by their favourite celebrities.

How do I listen to a voil by my favourite star?

If your favorite star is already in your follow list, you will receive a notification every time the celebrity records a message.