Job Alerts
Job Alerts

Subscribe to our Job Alerts to receive opportunities from top local and international employers. You have the freedom to select what kind of job alerts you receive, and from which region. There is a host of disciplines to choose from, so why limit yourself to one thing? You just might get an interesting opportunity you’ll be glad you didn’t miss!

How to subscribe for Job Alerts:

  • Send "SUB" to 4545
  • You will receive 5 options. Reply with 1 for Job Alerts
  • Select either 1 or 2 as per your preference
  • • Select your city of preference or select your region of preference
  • Now select the industry you would like to receive Job Alerts for
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS on completion of your subscription. You will begin to receive alerts as per your preferences soon after.
  • You can also choose to simply subscribe via the Warid Career Portal website