Training and Events
Training and Events

Warid Career Portal keeps you posted on workshops, seminars, latest training events & courses that you may want to participate in and enhance your skills, qualifications and professional development. There is so much going on almost every day that if utilized in the proper way, could take you to professional levels you might have not thought of before. We give you the chance to explore and grow.

How to subscribe to Training and Events – Exclusively for Warid customers!

  • Send "SUB" to 4545
  • You will receive 5 options. Reply with 4 for Training and Events
  • Reply with your email address. If you already have a verified address you can skip this step
  • Confirm your email address. Instructions will be in the SMS you receive
  • Send your confirmation code to 4545
  • Once your email address will be verified, you will start receiving Interview Tips/Questions via email
  • You can also choose to simply subscribe via the Warid Career Portal website