Doctors Helpline
Doctor's Helpline

For all those times when a doctor is not available or out of reach, you know you have your own doctor in your pocket. Yes, Warid Telecom gives you health related information whenever it’s needed. Doctors Helpline is an IVR service where our customers can subscribe to the service and get guidance on major diseases and get advice on possible remedies. The listener will be able to select what he wants to know and get further details of the health problems and their remedy.

The customer can also talk to doctors to discuss their queries!


To subscribe Dial 6446


For both Prepaid:

Rental Rs 0.50+tax / day

For Postpaid:

Rental Rs 15+tax/month

Call Charges:

0.20 +tax / min


“Warid Doctor’s Helpline Service is a resource for general health related awareness and preliminary help for its callers. The contents are not intended to diagnose, treat or provide a second opinion on any health issue. This information is not a substitute for the services of medical professionals; users should consult a health care provider for specific medical advice. The data collected by callers is secure and will not be shared with any third party for any other purpose. Warid will not accept any liability in respect of views or opinions shared by doctors or callers.”