My Buddy
My Buddy

My Buddy is a very useful, intuitive and exciting service that allows you to make a group of friends and family buddies to be tracked. You can then interact with your buddies and all of them can share their location in many fascinating ways.

MyBuddy offers the following exciting features to its subscribers:

Add/Remove buddies to your group

Add as many friends to your group of buddies as you like. Two free members can be added, while additional members can be added at an additional cost of Rs.25+t per month. Upon subscription, you will receive a confirmation SMS with help on how to add buddies to your group. Simply reply to the SMS with ‘Add <space> Friend’s phone number’; e.g. Add 92321444xxxx. You can also add more buddies anytime by sending SMS with ‘Add <space> Friend’s phone number’ to short code 86681 (free up to 2 buddies) or 86682 (at Rs.25+t per month per buddy). A consent request will be sent to each buddy you add and upon their positive consent, they are added to your group of buddies. 
Any member can be removed simply by sending SMS ‘Del <space> Friend’s number’ to 86681; e.g. Del 92321444xxxx

Find your buddies

You can get location of any of your buddies at any time without seeking their consent each time. Simply send SMS ‘Find <space> Friend’s mobile phone number’; e.g. Find 92321444xxxx to short code 86683.

Broadcast your own location

You can broadcast your own current location to all your buddies. Simply send SMS ‘At’ to short code 86683 and all your buddies in your group will receive your current location simultaneously.

Send Shout messages

With MyBuddy, you can now send shout messages to all your buddies any time. Simply send SMS ‘Shout Your Message’ to short code 86683; e.g. ‘Shout Hi, I am at hi-tea. Anyone wanna join?’. All your buddies will receive a message as ‘ says: Hi, I am at hi-tea. Anyone wanna join?’. All your buddies can also respond to your message by simply writing their text message in reply to the received message.

Proximity Alerts

MyBuddy service allows a unique feature of proximity alerts. Proximity alerts are automatically subscribed when you register for MyBuddy service. You will get automated alerts every time one or more of your buddies are near you. This helps you to stay in touch with your buddies and know whenever they are nearby.


In order to get a list of commands/keywords used for MyBuddy service, you can send an SMS ‘help’ to short code 86681 and you will receive brief tips to use the service.

Pricing and terms of use

  • MyBuddy is a subscription-based service with a subscription fee of Rs.50+t per month
  • MyBuddy service is available to all postpaid and prepaid subscribers of Warid Telecom
  • Member addition requests made to short code 86681 are free of cost
  • Each member addition requests made to short code 86682 is charged at Rs.25+t
  • Each message sent to short code 86683; including ‘Find’, ‘At’ and ‘Shout’ is charged at Rs.2+t
  • To cancel your subscription with MyBuddy, simply send SMS ‘Unsub’ to 86681


Rs.50+tax /month (2 free numbers)