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MyCorp is an innovative location-based service offered by Warid Telecom to its subscribers. This service helps meet the corporate sector requirements in terms of locating and tracking their employees. It is particularly very useful for organizations involved in service-oriented business and those managing sales force by offering them a facility to organize, plan and manage their employees’ daily schedule as well as keeping an audit of their activities. Detailed logs of employees' location information are maintained which offer comprehensive information about their activities.

Employers can check updated information and history log through a user-friendly web interface which also allows the administrators/managers to view the location of individuals on a digital map. Individual employees can also be tracked and located through SMS requests. Location route of an individual as well as current location of the whole team can be viewed on the digital map


Simply SMS 'Sub' to short code 8778 to subscribe for MyCorp and choose the package to suit your requirements. Following packages are available:

Short Code

Price (PKR)


No. Of Trackings

8778 1 Package Request  
87781 500 Subscription 6,666
87782 1,000 Subscription 14,300
87783 2,000 Subscription 33,333
87784 3,000 Subscription 55,000
87785 10,000 Subscription 200,000
8779 2 Voluntary member tracking  

Key Features

  • Add all your employees to your MyCorp account *  
  • Manage team hierarchy   
  • Set different tracking time for different teams  
  • Set schedules for up to 24 hours on hourly or half-hourly basis  
  • Find the location of your work force at preset schedules  
  • Get real-time location of individual employees via SMS  
  • View daily routes of individuals  
  • View entire team’s locations simultaneously on a single map interface  
  • Manage your own points of interest (POIs)  
  • Different packages to suit business needs of businesses of all sizes and scales  

MyCorp web portal

MyCorp web portal provides easy access to the subscribers of this service to manage their account over the web through its user-friendly and intuitive interfaces. The web portal can be accessed at It offers the following key functions:

  • Modify/update subscriber profile  
  • View the list of employees in MyCorp account  
  • Add/modify or remove employees to MyCorp account  
  • Set tracking time for individual teams  
  • Check location history of an individual employee or an entire team  
  • View route of an individual member at a selected time interval  
  • View entire team’s most recent location on map  
  • Check tracking quota usage  
  • Change account password  
  • Help  

Terms of Use

  • *Only Warid Telecom numbers can be tracked using MyCorp service  
  • Upon successful subscription, login ID and password are communicated to the subscriber directly on their mobile phone via SMS  
  • To cancel your subscription with MyCorp, simply send SMS 'Unsub' to 8778. This will remove entire account data including employees, schedules, hierarchy and tracking history.