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With MyFamily you can keep a track on where your family members are and ensure their safety at all times. This service allows you to define preset tracking intervals for each of your family members and make sure they are where they should be. This service is particularly useful given the security situation in Pakistan, where heads of families are always concerned about their family members.

Simply SMS 'Sub' to short code 8558 to subscribe for MyFamily.

Key Features

  • Find the location of your family members at preset schedules
  • Set different tracking time for individual family members
  • Get regular updates on your family via online web interface
  • Get a short recent history of individual family member's locations via SMS
  • Add up to 5 family members for Free
  • Add/Remove family members
    Add up to 5 family members in your MyFamily account without any extra charges. Upon subscription, you will receive a confirmation SMS with help on how to add family members. Simply reply to the SMS with 'Add <space> Family member's phone number'; e.g. Add 92321444xxxx. You can also add members anytime by sending SMS with 'Add <space> Family member's phone number' to short code 85581. A consent request will be sent to each member you add and upon their positive consent, they are added to your MyFamily account.
    Any member can be removed using the web interface or simply by sending SMS 'Del <space> Family member's number' to 85581; e.g. Del 92321444xxxx
  • List family members
    You can list members of your MyFamily account simply by sending SMS ‘List’ to short code 85581
  • MyFamily web portal
    MyFamily web portal provides easy access to the subscribers of this service to manage their account over the web through its user-friendly and intuitive interfaces. The web portal can be accessed at It offers the following key functions:
    • View the list of family members
    • Add or remove family members to MyFamily account
    • Set tracking time for individual family members
    • View location history of an individual or all family members with the ability to view their locations on digital map
    • Change portal access password

In order to get a list of commands/keywords used for MyFamily service, you can send an SMS ‘help’ to short code 85581 and you will receive brief tips to use the service. Detailed help is available on the MyFamily web portal

Pricing and terms of use

  • MyFamily is a subscription-based service with a subscription fee of Rs.100+t per month
  • MyFamily service is available to all postpaid and prepaid subscribers of Warid Telecom
  • Member addition requests made to short code 85581 are free of cost
  • To cancel your subscription with MyBuddy, simply send SMS 'Unsub' to 86681