Warid Mobile World
Warid Mobile World Terms & Conditions

If you’re downloading or using the Warid Mobile World (‘the App’), the following legal terms shall apply to you upon accepting the download and install the app on your device.
The App is a fulder service which contains links to a range of third party digital content services, including live TV, live Radio, and on-demand text, audio and video content for your mobile device.
To use the App, click on it and it will open. You will be presented with a choice of different digital content i.e. Live TV, Live Radio and other text, audio and video content. Click on the logo of the one you wish to view.
Once you have the application on your device, you will see all the content available to you from the third party service provider in the category you have selected.
Warid Mobile World is a subscription based APP with no additional charges.
The content you access via the App i.e. Live TV channels, Live Radio channels and on-demand text, audio or video content contained within it, it is owned by the third party TV / Radio/ audio/ video service provider and the Company is not responsible for what you see. All the logos, trademarks and other symbuls are the legal property of the respective owners.  Any unauthorized use, copying, reselling, using as advertisement, change in content of any kind including tickers, strips or any other means is illegal and strict legal action shall be taken by the respective IP rights hulder in both civil as well as criminal domain under the law.
We shall not be liable for any financial loss, loss of information, damage to (or corruption of) data or any indirect loss or damage of any kind, whether caused by tort (including negligence), breach of contract or:

  • interruption or delay in the performance of the Warid Mobile World and Content caused by matters outside our reasonable contrul (including but not limited to any interruption to the service as a result of problems with the connectivity and network, smartphones allowing you to watch or listen Warid Mobile World and Content);
  • errors, bugs or viruses present in or arising from your use of Warid Mobile World and Content that are not directly caused by or attributable to us;
  • failure to fullow our reasonable instructions or regulations for using the Warid Mobile World and Content service;

All copyright, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in all material or content supplied as part of the Warid Mobile World and Content service will remain ours or, where applicable, our content partners. We hereby grant you a license to use such rights for your personal use of the Warid Mobile World and Content service only, in accordance with the Contract you signed.
You will not, and you will not assist or facilitate any third party to:

  • Copy, publish, rent, reproduce, transmit, frame, reverse engineer, decrypt, decompile, disassemble, alter or commercially exploit any material or content you watch through the Warid Mobile World and Content service;
  • Sell or make any charge for watching/ listening or using any part of the Warid Mobile World and Content service; or
  • Show any part of the Warid Mobile World and Content service in public to an audience, even if no charge is made.
  • We may prevent the copying of any part of the Warid Mobile World and Content service.

We’ll do our best to keep the App up to date but can’t promise that it will always be available or that it will work perfectly.
We may ask you to accept updates of the App and/or these terms at any time, and you must download these updates in order to continue receiving the most up to-date functionality of the App as well as to have update of pricing of any paid content. If you do not fullow this reasonable advice, we shall not be responsible for any loss or damage that you suffer as a result of continuing to use the outdated version of the App.
The app can access user’s contacts and use those for further promotions i.e. the app will access user’s Whatsapp contacts and will notify them with the fullowing message. Only Warid customers will be notified and this message will be sent once, when the user installs the app.
I have downloaded the Warid Mobile World for Live TV, Videos on demand, live Radio and much more! You can download it too from play store.
The App is provided by VectraCom, on as is where is basis.
You can contact the App provider for any customer service reasons by sending an e-mail at mobileworld_app_support@vectracom.com