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Mobile Wizard

With one of the largest GPRS bases in Pakistan, Warid proudly presents another customer friendly service to simplify multimedia services compatibility on its network.

“Warid Mobile Wizard” is a support service designed to eliminate manual settings by customer or Warid Customer Service Representatives for handset configuration of GPRS subscribers. With this facility you can achieve faster and hassle free multimedia configuration of your handset without having to visit Warid business center/ franchise.

Key Features

  1. Multimedia settings will help customer use the following services easily and effectively.
    • MMS
    • WAP Sites
    • Web Sites
    • Other GPRS enabled value added services
  2. All multimedia settings can be received via web or sim.
  3. Auto configurable settings are sent via SMS to the user which can easily be saved in the handset.
  4. Mobile Wizard can support over 1000 different hand set types from 56 different handset manufacturers. We are constantly updating our service to serve your choice of handsets better!


  • Automatic handset detection and configuration.
  • No end-user intervention required
  • Warid subscribers can rest assured that each and every time you change your handset it is accurately configured for multimedia.


  1. All multimedia settings for handset change are absolutely free!
  2. All multimedia settings via web page are absolutely free!
  3. All multimedia settings via SMS Self Care are charged at Rs. 2+ tax per message.

Or you can opt for manual Handset Setings:

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

With MMS, messaging is fun, colorful and musical. Add pictures, animations, polyphonic & true tones, and even video clips to messages, and show the world how amazing communication can be.

How it works?

Please consult your mobile phone instruction manual to see exactly how this is done on your particular phone.

Next, you need to configure your handset with Warid MMS settings. Please follow these simple steps to get the MMS configuration:

Method 1

Go to: Warid>Messaging>Multimedia Settings>MMS

Enter handset make (e.g. nokia) & model number (e.g. 6020) when prompted.

  • SMS is generated from your handset
  • You will receive a message with the settings. Please select 'yes' to save the settings
    Note: Before using MMS, please ensure to subscribe to the GPRS service and have your handset configured

Method 2

Type ‘SET MMS’ & Send to 1190

You will receive the MMS settings via a message.

Please select 'yes' to save the settings

Note: There are certain mobiles that do not support this setting process. Please contact our Customer Service Center for assistance.;

Mobile Internet

This powerful service offers you complete flexibility to view the internet on your cell phone or laptop. So whenever you are on the move and want to look for information on the internet, simply setup the internet connection from your GPRS/ WAP/EDGE enabled handset. You can also use your handset as a GPRS modem and connect it to your laptop wirelessly using Bluetooth, infrared or a cable.

How it works?

Consult your handset instructions manual to find out if your handset supports GPRS/ WAP/EDGE. Alternately call our Customer Care Center on 321 from your Warid phone or simply dial our UAN 111-111-321 from any other phone.Please also ensure, you have subscribed to GPRS before configuring these settings.

  • Go to: Warid Menu>Messaging>Mutimedia Settings>WAP/GPRS
  • Enter the handset make (e.g nokia) and model number( e.g 6020) when prompted.
  • SMS will be generated from your handset
  • You will receive a message with the settings. Please select 'yes' to save the settings in your handset

Note: Before using mobile internet, please subscribe to the GPRS service and have your handset configured.