Features and Charging
Features and charging :

Now you can gift a caller tune to your friends or your buddies. They can enjoy having their favorite songs as a caller tune personally gifted by you:
SMS: To gift a caller tune SMS

GT<space>0321xxxxxxxxx<space>TONE ID  to 7171
Price will only be charged to the sender of the gift and not the receiver.

Caller Groups for caller tunes

Divide your callers into groups with exclusive caller tunes for each! You can also create up to five caller groups with one tone assigned to ten callers each.

Self Recorded Caller Tunes

Warid brings "Self Recorded Caller Tunes'' Just dial 106 and follow the instructions to get going. Please Note that there will be a 24 hour waiting period for the tone to be approved (for legal and or censorship) reasons by Warid Telecom.

Copy Caller Tunes

Now you can copy your favorite caller tune. If you call on any Warid number with a favorite caller tune. Simply press *3 (TARA TEEN) to get the same yourself.

You can have up to 5 tones in your copy box.


Type Rate (PKR) (Exclusive of Taxes)
Caller Tune IVR (Dial 230 ) 5/min
Monthly rent (for postpaid)
Monthly rent (for prepaid)
30 / month
Caller tune(per tone) 10
Gift a tone by SMS (7171) 10
Create Caller Groups Free
Self recorded (Dial 106) 8/ Min
Copy Tune  (press *3) 10

Visit Caller tunes for more information about caller tunes.