Song Search
Song search

Warid song search allows you to search for a Caller Tune of your favorite song just by sending the song name in an SMS; it is as simple as that!

If you are not sure of the full name of the song, you can still avail the service by sending the first word of the song in an SMS to 7172 (for example ‘dil’). You will be sent some top results for the songs that have the word ‘dil’ in them along with their tone ID’s.


Rs. 0.50 + tax/SMS

The service is for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

Type Rate (PKR) (Exclusive of Taxes)
Caller Tune IVR (Dial 230) 5/min
Caller tune(per tone) 10
Gift a tone by SMS (7171) 10
Create Caller Groups Free
Self recorded (Dial 106) 8/ Min
Copy Tune  (press *3) 10
Postpaid Monthly rental Rs.30
Prepaid daily rental for Rs. 1

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