IM Over SMS!
IM over SMS!

Now enjoy “Instant Messenger over SMS” & chat with you buddies on all popular Instant Messenger clients!


You will receive an SMS notification with your online friends (depending on which Instant Messenger client you have logged in to). Just reply to the message and start chatting instantly to the friend of your choice.

Commands List (send these commands to 1126 in an SMS)

  • <EmailAddress><EmailPassword> (to login to a new account)
  • ON (to sign in to all saved accounts)
  • OFF (to sign off from all saved accounts)
  • FRIENDS (to receive online friends list)
  • ACC (to view all saved accounts)
  • REMOVE <EmailAddress> (to remove an account from saved accounts)
  • HELP (to receive commands list and get service introduction)
  • STATUS (to change your status to online, busy or do not disturb)


Rs. 1+tax/SMS


“Instant Messenger over SMS” (the “Services”) is a facility offered by Warid that allows its users (the “Users”) to develop their friendship circle through different IM clients over SMS. Warid has adopted the best standards of the industry relating to the services, however Warid shall not be responsible for any misuse of exchanged information, data, loss, claim and/or damage whatsoever nature whether personal or otherwise, caused to any person whosoever. Any messages, views, material, information and/or data exchanged by the users of the services do not reflect the opinions or policies of Warid. Without limiting the generality of forgoing Warid hereby disclaims any/all liabilities, actions, claims whatsoever in nature arising out of and in relation to the Services. Notwithstanding anything contained herein Warid shall have the unhindered rights/remedies at all times against the users/third parties inter alia on account of misuse of the Services.