Conference Call
Conference Call

Warid postpaid and prepaid subscribers are able to call and hold simultaneous conversations with up to 6 other people, whether it is another Warid subscriber, a fixed line or other mobile operators.

How to get?

This service is available to all Warid subscribers. Accessing the service varies according to your handset so please consult your mobile phone instruction manual.

Charges: Standard call rates as per package plan apply on every new call during the conference.

How it works?

To initiate a Conference Call (When you are in conversation with another person):

  • Put the existing line on hold
  • Press Options/Menu depending on handset
  • Select NEW CALL from options
  • Dial the number of the third person
  • Select CONFERENCE from options

Repeat the same procedure to bring more persons into conferencing

To choose Conference option when the 2nd caller comes on line:

  • Answer the second call
  • Press Options/Menu