Call me Back Service
This service is going to be discontinued from 22nd June 2018 for new subscriptions. However, existing customers may enjoy services until 21-Aug 2018. Click Here to view the complete list of services that are going to be discontinued.
Call me Back Service

A new & convenient way to get your message across whenever you want someone to call you back, especially when you have run out of prepaid account balance & need to get in touch with your loved ones!


Subscriber A can place a “call me back” request via SMS that contains subscriber B number
Subscriber B (requested to call) can easily identify requesting subscriber number (subscriber A)
Service available to all prepaid subscribers

Request through SMS

Subscriber “А” sends SMS request for call me back with the destination number (subscriber B). Warid sends an SMS to subscriber “B” requesting him to call back subscriber A. 


An SMS notification will be sent to Subscriber “B” with number of subscriber A defined in header.

Terms & Conditions

  • A Subscriber can send 1 CALL ME BACK request to any 1 On-Net & Off-net numbers in one day
  • A subscriber is entitled to use this service, if they have minimum or equal to Rs.2.00 in their account balance
  • If subscriber A has more than Rs.2.00 in their account balance, Rs.1+tax will be deducted from his/her account as a penalty

Set Call Forwarding/diverting to 103 (in your handset call settings menu).