Jhatpat Bill
JhatPhat Bill

Jhat Pat Bill is an unparalleled daily billing service through which you can receive comprehensive mobile usage details so you stay up-to-date about your balance, manage your budget and keep a track of your usage. Additionally, it gives you the option of requesting charging details for a specific date or time period up to a summary of 30 days.

How to activate:

SMS “Bill” to 7766

How to de-activate:

SMS “Bill off” to 7766


To get your collective Bill amount for up to 30 days:

SMS Bill to 7744

Example: SMS Bill 20 to 7744 to get usage details for 20 days


For Prepaid: Rs. 10+tax / 15 days

For Postpaid: Rs. 20+tax/month

SMS to 7766@ Rs. 0.05+tax

SMS to 7744@ Rs. 1+tax

Please Note, The day’s bill may include previous days charges which were processed with delay.