Maal Dhamaal 2
Maal Dhammal 2

Warid proudly announces the second round of its popular offer MaalDhamaalBundle 2. This time it is bigger and much more fun. Now you can win a lot of prizes with this offer.

  • Toyota Corolla XLI every month through lucky draw
  • Top prize of Rs. 1,000,000 for the campaign top scorer
  • Rs. 100,000 every week through lucky draw
  • Rs. 50,000 every day fortop scorer


Just reply to 3000 and get5 on-net SMS, 10 wallpapers or ringtones and 10 lucky draw entries that will entitle you to win a Toyota Corolla XLI every month. Not only that, these entries will also get you a chance to win Rs.100,000 every week. You can also participate in MaalDhamaal Quiz and get 10 points on every correct answer and get the Top Prize by giving the most correct answers. During Bonus phase, correct answers will earn you higher points in wining prizes.

Visit from your mobile phone to download the Wallpapers and Ringtones you purchase.

For Terms & Conditions dial 3001
For further information SMS Help on 3001

Campaign Duration:

The MaalDhamaal Bundle is a 100 days campaign, from 28th April 2014 to 5th August 2014


SMS to 3000: RS.10 + tax
SMS to 3001: Free
Call on IVR 3001: Free
Standard GPRS charges apply for downloading Wallpapers and Ringtones through the WAP portal


Reply to 3000


The Customer acknowledges that under this Campaign he shall not respond to any calls/SMSs directing to make/send calls/SMSs to any other number/short code or which are regarding award of any prize (whether money or in kind) in lieu of balance transfer. Ignorance of this clause by the Customer shall not accrue any liabilities/responsibilities on Warid including but not limited to liability/responsibility towards any loss occurred to the Customer. WaridMaalDhamaal Bundle 2 does not ask winners to make any payments.

Terms & Conditions



Name Prize Date Last 4 digits of CNIC City Picture
MUAZ MUNIR Iphone 5s 06-July 4811 Lahore
KHALID MASOOD Samsung Tab 3 27- May 9249 Rawalpindi
MALIK IJAZ HUSSAIN Daily Rs 50,000 1-Aug 1005 Lahore
MUHAMMAD SADIQ NAEEM Daily Rs 50,000 8-Jul 5975 Lahore
ABDUL GHAFOOR KHAN ABBASI Weekly 100,000 8-June 1621 Rawalpindi
ABDUL AZEEZ Daily Rs 50,000 28-Apr 6433 Lahore View Image
SYED TARIQ HUSSAIN SHAH Daily Rs 50,000 29-Apr 1669 Karachi
ZIA UL HAQ Daily Rs 50,000 30-Apr 2379 Rawalpindi
ASIF JAVAID Daily Rs 50,000 1-May 3149 Lahore
RUBINA HASAN Daily Rs 50,000 2-May 9666 Lahore View Image
IMRAN ZULFIQAR Daily Rs 50,000 3-May 0123 Gujranwala View Image
ALLAM ZEB SHAH Weekly Rs 100,000 04-May 6717 Rawalpindi
M ASGHAR KHAN Daily Rs 50,000 5-May 9715 Karachi
NANITA JAMSHED Daily Rs 50,000 6th May 7336 Lahore View Image
SAHIB KHAN Daily Rs 50,000 7-May 0089 Lahore View Image
DILSHAD AHMED Daily Rs 50,000 8-May 9871 Gujranwala View Image
SYED AMJAD KABIR Daily Rs 50,000 9th-May 8765 Lahore
ALI HAIDER Daily Rs 50,000 10-May 5401 Rawalpindi
NISHAT PARVEEN Weekly Rs 100,000 11th May 0610 Karachi
ASIF JAVED Daily Rs 50,000 12-May 3149 Lahore
ASIF JAVED Daily Rs 50,000 13-May 3149 Lahore
AWAIS AHMED Daily Rs 50,000 14th May 4757 Gujranwala View Image
KHALIDA ASIF Daily Rs 50,000 15th-May 5984 Lahore View Image
SYED AFZAL RAZA SHAH Weekly Rs 100,000 15th June 3911 Lahore
TALAT HUSSAIN Daily Rs 50,000 16th May 6531 Karachi
UMAIR MEHBOOB Daily Rs 50,000 17-May 1231 Gujranwala View Image
HASSAN RASHID KHAN Weekly Rs 100,000 18-May 9181 Faisalabad View Image
IMRAN WASI Daily Rs 50,000 19-May 4707 Lahore
IMTIAZ HUSSAIN Daily Rs 50,000 20th-May 1157 Rawalpindi
JAMSHAID KHALID Daily Rs 50,000 21st May 5211 Lahore View Image
IMTIAZ AHMAD Daily Rs 50,000 22-May 2587 Lahore
ASHAR RAHEEL Daily Rs 50,000 23-May 6315 Faisalabad
JAMSHAID KHALID Daily Rs 50,000 24th-May 5211 Lahore
SYED MUHAMMAD NOMAN JAFFERY Toyota Corolla 25-May 3865 Karachi View Image
ZEESHAN MAQSOOD Daily Rs 50,000 26-May 3343 Gujranwala View Image
UMER FAROOQ Daily Rs 50,000 27-May 9339 Gujranwala View Image
BILAL RASHID Daily Rs 50,000 28-May 2059 Karachi
ZAHID IMTIAZ Daily Rs 50,000 29-May 9765 Faisalabad View Image
SYED MUHAMMAD NOMAN JAFFERY Daily Rs 50,000 30-May 3865 Karachi
MUMTAZ ALI MALLAH Samsung Galaxy Core plus G3500 31-May 1727 Karachi View Image
ZAHID IMRAN Daily Daily Rs 50,000 31-May 0657 Lahore
USMAN MAQSOOD Samsung Tab 3 1-Jun 1395 Lahore
NANEETA JAMSHAID Weekly Rs 100,000 1-Jun 7336 Lahore View Image
MUHAMMAD YOUNUS Daily Rs 50,000 2-Jun 5017 Rawalpindi
Ali Rasheed Daily Rs 50,000 3-Jun 5013 Lahore
NAZIM UDDIN AHMED Daily Rs 50,000 4-Jun 8383 Karachi
MOHAMMAD AZAM Daily Rs 50,000 5-Jun 5419 Lahore View Image
MUHAMMAD TAHIR KHAN Daily Rs 50,000 6-Jun 1837 Lahore
MALIK MUDASSIR Daily Rs 50,000 7-Jun 7957 Multan
M ABDULLAH Daily Rs 50,000 9-Jun 1453 Lahore
MUHAMMAD ANWAR CHOUDARY Daily Rs 50,000 10-Jun 9583 Lahore View Image
MUHAMMAD ALEEM Samsung Galaxy Core Plus G3500 10- June 9569 Gujranwala View Image
SOBDAR ALI Daily Rs 50,000 11-Jun 4811 Multan View Image
USMAN MAQSOOD Daily Rs 50,000 12-Jun 0577 Gujranwala View Image
HAROON RASHEED Daily Rs 50,000 13-Jun 2495 Lahore
KHURSHID ANWAR Samsung Galaxy Core Plus G3500 13-Jun 5893 Islamabad
MASOOD JAILANI Galaxy S5 14-Jun 5677 Lahore
MUHAMMAD IMRAAN Samsung Galaxy Core Plus G3500 15-Jun 6801 Lahore
RAO RASHID MEHMOOD Daily Rs 50,000 16 Jun 1433 Lahore
TARIQ MEHMOOD Daily Rs 50,000 17-Jun 1615 Lahore
ADEEL Samsung Tab 3 18-Jun 6283 Karachi
SHEHZAD HUSSAIN Daily Rs 50,000 18-Jun 9143 Karachi View Image
GHULAM AHMAD Daily Rs 50,000 19-Jun 3367 Lahore
WAQAR AHMAD Samsung Galaxy Core Plus G3500 19-Jun 2069 Peshawar
UMER FAROOQ Daily Rs 50,000 20-Jun 9339 Lahore View Image
M USMAN MAQSOOD Daily Rs 50,000 21-Jun 1395 Lahore
IMTIAZ HUSSAIN Toyota Corolla 22-Jun 1157 Rawalpindi View Image
ALI MUHAMMAD JAVID Daily Rs 50,000 23-Jun 0301 Sialkot View Image
RAMISHA IBTISAM Daily Rs 50,000 24-Jun 7338 Lahore
ZEESHAN MAQSOOD Daily Rs 50,000 25-Jun 3343 Gujranwala View Image
MUHAMMAD JUNAID Samsung Galaxy Core Plus G3500 25-Jun 0877 Karachi
MUHAMMAD SALEEM ABID Daily Rs 50,000 26-Jun 9961 Lahore
NAVED UL REHMAN Daily Rs 50,000 27-Jun 6519 Peshawar
MOHAMMAD TAYYAB Pak Hero 70CC Motorcycle 28-Jun 7781 Lahore View Image
MOHAMMAD SHAHID Daily Rs 50,000 28-Jun 1685 Karachi
Raja Muhammad Naeem Samsung 32 EH4003 Series 4 LED TV 29-Jun 7707 Rawalpindi
MUHAMMAD YAAR Daily Rs 50,000 30-Jun 5605 Faisalabad View Image
IMRAN MAQSOOD Daily Rs 50,000 1-Jul 4783 Gujranwala View Image
FAKHIRA ANEES Samsung Galaxy Core Plus G3500 2-Jul 7882 Karachi View Image
MOHAMMAD MEHTAB HASSAN QADRI Daily Rs 50,000 2-July 4657 Lahore
MUHAMMAD IMRAAN Daily Rs 50,000 3-Jul 6801 Lahore
DILSHAD AHMED Daily Rs 50,000 4-Jul 9871 Gujranwala View Image
QASIM ALI Daily Rs 50,000 5-Jul 2225 Gujranwala
ABID ALI MEMON Weekly Rs 100,000 6-Jul 3891 Karachi View Image
HAFIZ SALMAN SAEED Daily Rs 50,000 7-Jul 1879 Lahore
MUHAMMAD SAEED Daily Rs 50,000 9-Jul 2455 Multan
SYED IMRAN HASSAN Daily Rs 50,000 10-Jul 4387 Islamabad
AKBAR ALI Galaxy Core Plus G3500 10-Jul 0591 Karachi View Image
FARZANA KAUSER Daily Rs 50,000 11-Jul 6226 Karachi
SYED ZULFIQAR ALI SHAH 1 Tola Gold 12-Jul 4777 Lahore
ABDUL REHMAN KHAN Galaxy S5 13-Jul 7979 Lahore
MAHREEN HUMA HAMID 100,000 13-Jul 2426 Karachi View Image
MUHAMMAD TAHIR KHAN Daily Rs 50,000 15-Jul 1837 Lahore View Image
HAMID ALI Galaxy Core Plus G3500 15-Jul 3807 Lahore
RIZWAN MANAI Daily Rs 50,000 16-Jul 8965 Karachi View Image
SYED MUAZAM ALI Samsung Tab 3 17th July 1011 Lahore
MALIK IJAZ HUSSAIN Samsung 32 EH4003 Series 4 LED TV 18th July 1005 Lahore
WAQAS AHMED Daily Rs 50,000 19-Jul 6935 Gujranwala View Image
AHMED ALI AHSAN Toyota Corolla 20-Jul 6022 Islamabad BC
MUHAMMAD ASLAM Daily Rs 50,000 July 21 2487 Karachi View Image
AHMED NAWAZ Galaxy Core Plus G3500 22nd July 2945 Lahore
SAMIA JAVAID ALI Daily Rs 50,000 22nd July 1844 Lahore
MASOOD JAILANI Daily Rs 50,000 23rd July 5677 Lahore
KHURRAM FARMAN Samsung Tab 3 24th July 8173 Karachi
ZURIDA JAVED Daily Rs 50,000 25th July 0440 Lahore
HAROON RASHEED Galaxy S5 26th July 2495 Lahore
RASHID BUTT Weekly Rs 100,000 27-Jul 8807 Sialkot View Image
ABDUL RASHEED 1 Tola Gold 27-Jul 1595 Karachi
SAQIB SULTAN HP Laptop 28th July 9741 Faisalabad
REHANA NAZIR BUTT Daily Rs 50,000 29-Jul 6856 Gujranwala
ABDUL SAMI SHEIKH Pak hero 29-Jul 4275 Karachi View Image
MARYAM FAIZAN Galaxy Core Plus G3500 30th July 2804 Lahore
FAISAL Daily Rs 50,000 2 Aug 4533 Karachi
RANA SHAMIM AHMAD Galaxy Core Plus G3500 3-Aug 5513 Lahore
ABDUL WAHID SOOMRO Weekly Rs 100,000 3-Aug 0387 Karachi
KHALID SHABIR Daily Rs 50,000 4-Aug 0269 Islamabad BC View Image
ASIF JAVED Grand Prize of Rs.1 Million 5-Aug 2072 Lahore View Image

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the Warid Maal Dhamaal Bundle 2?

Maal Dhamaal Bundle 2 (Maal Dhamaal Bundle) Campaign is a promotion of Warid’s Value Added Services, consisting of 5 SMS and 10 Content Credits which allow you to download Wallpapers or Ringtones from a WAP link <> via GPRS. Each wallpaper/ringtone costs 1 Content Credit.

2. How can I purchase a Maal Dhamaal Bundle?

Send an SMS with any keyword (or even a blank SMS) to shortcode 3000 to purchase a Maal Dhamaal Bundle. You will then receive a unique password through SMS, which you will use to access the WAP site <>and download content. If you forget or lose your password, send an SMS with the keyword “PASS” to shortcode 3001.

3. How much does it cost?

  • Every Maal Dhamaal Bundle purchased from shortcode 3000 costs Rs.10+tax
  • All SMS sent and calls made to 3001 are free of charge
  • All SMS received from 3000 are free of charge
  • WAP GPRS access is charged separately as per Warid’s applicable tariffs (information available at

4. When will I be able to use the SMS purchased through the Bundle?

All SMSs purchased through the Maal Dhamaal Bundle shall be active and become available to you for use sixty (60) days after the expiry date of this Campaign and shall be directly credited to your account.

5. What is the promotion duration?

The promotion has duration of 100 days, starting from 28th April 2014 until 5thAugust 2014, inclusive.

6. How many bundles can I purchase?

There is no limit in the number of bundles you can purchase.

7. Who is eligible to purchase a Maal Dhamaal Bundle?

All subscribers of Warid are eligible to participate, except the following:

  • The employees of Warid, Warid Franchises, Retailers and its sister concerns
  • First Degree Relatives of Warid employees, i.e. the spouse, children, parents and siblings
  • The registered users of Warid Employee Family Package

8. What are Entries?

When you purchase a bundle, you accumulate 10 Entries. These entries will be used in Weekly and Monthly Lucky Draw.
To find out the number of your entries, SMS “Entries” to 3001.

What are the Details of Lucky Draws?

There are three types of lucky draws in the campaign:

  • Weekly Lucky Draw: It will be conducted once weekly. The entries accumulated in that particular week will be included in this lucky draw.
  • Monthly Lucky Draw: It will be conducted on the last week of every month of the campaign.The entries accumulated in that particular month will be included in this lucky draw.
  • Special Lucky Draw: It can be conducted on any particular day in the campaign. The entries of that particular day will be included in that lucky draw

10. What are the Details of Gifts?

Total prizes are 100!

  • Daily prizes is 50,000 Rs
  • Weekly prize is 100,000 Rs
  • Monthly prize is a Toyota Corolla
  • Final prize is 1,000,000 Rs

Also though the promotion many other special prizes (Smartphones, Tables, Laptops etc) will be awarded.

11. What is the Maal Dhamaal Quiz?

The Maal Dhamaal Quiz is a supplement to Maal Dhamaal Bundle. It is an SMS-based promotional activity where Warid’s subscribers are challenged to answer trivia questions while purchasing Maal Dhamaal Bundles and win great prizes.

12. How can I participate in the Maal Dhamaal Quiz?

Once you purchase a Maal Dhamaal Bundle, you will receive a multiple choice question from shortcode 3000. You participate in the Quiz by answering questions by sending 1 or 2 in an SMS to 3000.

13. What are Points and how do I get them?

Upon answering the Quiz questions correctly, you will get 10 points. In bonus rounds you will get higher points. Wrong answer will not earn any points.

14. Can a winner of a prize win again another prize?

A winner of one category cannot win a prize from the same category but he can win a prize from another category.

15.How and where do I claim my prize?

Participants will be contacted by Warid if they win any of the prizes prize.

16. How to win the daily prize?

Every day (Monday to Saturday) 1 participant with the highest number of points collected wins 50,000 Rs.
Everyone that plays at that day will be able to enter with the total points and win the daily prize.

17. How to win the weekly prize?

Every week (excluding monthly prize weeks) one participant wins 100,000 Rs via a lucky draw.

Remember: to make your entries eligible for the weekly prize, you have to send at least 1 SMS during that specific week.

18. How to win the monthly prize?

Every month the monthly lucky draw will be held for the following durations:

1St Monthly Lucky Draw     From 28th of April 2014 till 25th of May 2014

2nd Monthly Lucky Draw     From 26th of May 2014 till 22nd of June 2014

3rd Monthly Lucky Draw     From 23rd of June 2014 till 20th of July 2014

One participant wins a Toyota Corolla with a lucky draw.

Remember: to make your entries eligible for the monthly prize, you have to send at least 1 SMS during that specific month.

19. How to win the Top Prize?

On the last day of the campaign 5th August 2014, the participant with the most collected points in the whole campaign wins 1,000,000 Rs.

20. How to win the Special Prize?

On particular days, the users will be informed about special prizes, the subscribers can win these prizes by lucky draw based on the entries earned on that day.

21.How can I transfer my points?

The points earned on your number cannot be transferred to any other number.

22. How many Points do I have?

Send “POINTS” in a SMS to 3001 to receive Points information.

23. I want to stop receiving informational SMS about the promotional Program?

Send “STOP” in a SMS to 3001 and you will stop receiving SMS from 3000. If you send anything to the short code 3000 afterwards, you will start receiving messages again.

24. Can I participate in the campaign with different mobile phones?

You can participate with as many different Warid numbers as you wish. However, each one participates separately in the raffles.

25. Can my participations be transferred?

Your participations cannot be transferred to a different Warid number.

26. I sent a message but didn’t receive a reply SMS?

If you have not received a reply SMS, verify the following:

  • Check if your mobile is full of messages and doesn’t have enough of memory to receive new ones.
  • The message wasn’t sent to the correct number. Check that you sent the SMS to the Short Code 3000.
  • If you feel there is an error or require further assistance, please call Customer Care on 321 from your Warid mobile phone or email at

27. I sent a message but didn’t receive a reply SMS?

Winners will be given details for the collection of prizes via phone call from Warid from 00321.

28. I am a winner - can someone else collect my prize instead of me?

The prizes will be handed over to the person in whose name the winner’s SIM card is registered.

29. Are the prizes transferable?


30. Is there a limit as to the number of SMS I have to send?

No. Play as much as you can! The more points you collect the more participation you have for claiming the amazing prizes, so the more chances to win.