Mobile Internet Sharing
Mobile Internet Sharing

Check your email, connect with friends, tweet, blog and do a lot more with Mobile Internet Service on your Warid mobile. Stay connected anytime, anywhere. So whenever you are on the move and want to look for information on the internet, simply setup the internet connection from your GPRS/ WAP/EDGE enabled handset. You can also use your handset as a GPRS modem and connect it to your laptop wirelessly using Bluetooth, infrared or a cable.

How it works

Consult your handset instructions manual to find out if your handset supports GPRS/ WAP/EDGE. Alternately call our Customer Care Center on 321 from your Warid phone or simply dial our UAN 111-111-321 from any other phone.Please also ensure, you have subscribed to GPRS before configuring these settings.

  • Go to: Warid Menu>Messaging>Mutimedia Settings>WAP/GPRS
  • Enter the handset make (e.g nokia) and model number( e.g 6020) when prompted.
  • SMS will be generated from your handset
  • You will receive a message with the settings. Please select 'yes' to save the settings in your handset

Note: Before using mobile internet, please subscribe to the GPRS service and have your handset configured.


From where is the Zem Pocket PCO available for purchase?

The bundle is available at selected cities (contact Warid customer services at 321 to find point of sales).

Can the Pocket PCO be available on a Warid postpaid number?

No Zem Pocket PCO is only for prepaid numbers.

What are documents do you need to purchase Zem Pocket PCO?

You will need the following documents:

  • CSAF
  • CNIC
  • PCO declaration form

What are the conditions for using a Zem Pocket PCO SIM?

The following terms & conditions apply to use Zem Pocket PCO:

  • Purchase the entire bundle for PKR 3500
  • Use the SIM in a Motorola C123 handset or else you will not be eligible for bonus balance feature
  • Your Motorola sets would be in warranty serviceable from the designated service centers as mentioned on the warranty card under the terms & conditions as mentioned on it
  • In case you change your handset from Motorola C123 to any other set your connection would be blocked within 7 days of the said change and the would not activated on Warid’s network again

What is the price of SIM change?

This SIM will be replaced at a price of PKR 200. Replacement SIMs would be available from the business centres of your city.

Can I port this number out to any other network?

By signing the PCO Terms & Conditions form you agree to remain with Warid for a period of 1 year from the date of activation of your PCO package.

Can I use the SIM of any other network in this set?

By signing the PCO Terms & Conditions form you agree to use the set with Warid SIM only. The handset is network locked so it will reject the signals of other network.

Can I avail all Customer Care Facilities on this number?

Not all CS facilities are available on this number namely; number change, package change, friends & family addition. For any network complaints please contact 321

What is the tariff behind Zem Pocket PCO?

Rates of Zem Lowest Call Rate package applies on Pocket PCO. Refer to link for details:

Why can’t I use a normal Zem LCR package as a PCO?

A normal Zem LCR package does not have a Zem Pocket PCO bonus feature or SIM menu. For every PKR 1000 recharge via scratch card you will get a 100 free minutes for on-net and 100 free minutes for off-net. The message received after recharge of PKR 1000 voucher would be: “Your account remains Rs 1000. You have 100 on-net minutes & 100 offnet minutes”.

Note:- The off-net minutes would not be available for International destinations.

Will my free minutes be available for unlimited number of days?

No your bonus balance will expire in 30 days from the date they were given i.e. the last time you recharged Rs.1000.

Can I avail my bonus amount if I use Warid ezeeLOAD?

At the moment bonus free minutes would be available for the recharge done by Warid scratch card.

Will I get bonus free minutes if I load balance on recharge of Rs.1000 by using 2 Warid scratch cards of Rs. 500 each?

No bonus free minutes are only applicable for a Warid scratch card of Rs. 1000 denomination.

How many free minutes do I get if I load 2 scratch cards of Rs.1000 each?

For every Rs. 1000 scratch card reload you will get 100 on-net & 100 off-net minutes. In case you load two Rs.1000 scratch cards you will get double the amount i.e. 200 on-net & 200 off-net minutes.

What would be validity period if I load Rs.1000 scratch card after a few days of loading the last card of Rs.1000 denomination?

The validity for the entire free minutes would be extended by 30 days starting from the last recharge e.g. if you have 50 free minutes left in on-net bonus balance and you reload a Rs.1000 scratch card on 1st September; your total free minutes would be 150 on-net & 100 off-net with a validity of 1st November.

How will I be able to view my remaining free minutes?

A Use *100# or go into your SIM menu from Pocket PCO--> Balance--> Balance Iinquiry for checking your balance. For Zem Pocket PCO this notification will inform you of the remaining balance in on-net & off-net accounts as well as your total balance loaded. Sample End of Call Notification: Your last call cost Rs.10. Your account remains Rs 500. You have 10 on-net minutes & 50 offnet minutes

Where do I go if my handset or chord becomes faulty?

Warid gives you a complete year’s warranty for the Motorola C123 handset & chord sold with the phone. Please refer to the warranty card for details of Motorola authorized dealers for such repairs and replacements.

Will I have to pay for the repair of my faulty handset or chord?

No Warid’s warranty on this bundle will ensure that you are do not pay anything. (Please read the warranty card for details of handset tampering conditions for which the Motorola centers will charge for the repairs.)

When does the warranty expire?

This warranty is applicable from date of purchase of bundle pack and is subject to the terms & conditions as signed by you in the PCO Terms & Conditions form.

Can I change my prepaid package or tariff?

No this not allowed on your package.

Can I change my prepaid number?

No this not allowed on your package.

Can I add friends & family to my account?

No this not allowed on your package.

Where can I get a SIM if I need a replacement SIM?

Please contact the nearest business centre for a SIM replacement.

Where can I get a set if I loose my handset?

The bundle sold to you at purchase contained the subsidized handset. In case you lose the handset you will have to purchase a new one from distribution.