Will I be required to configure any settings manually after Mobile Wizard?

  • Most of the handsets in the Pakistani market are covered for automatic handset configuration in the library of Mobile Wizard. If the handset is not available for automatic configuration‚ webpage with manual configuration will be displayed.
  • How will I know that I have received settings from Warid Mobile Wizard?

  • All settings from Mobile Wizard will come from short code 10004. You just need to save them & select apply settings from handset.
  • I did not receive any settings from 10004. Does this mean my handset is not supported?

  • If your handset is not supported by Mobile Wizard then message received from 10004 will say “your handset is not supported”. This will normally be sent to non-GPRS compatible handsets. You need to check handset guide to confirm GPRS compatibility.
  • I have a GPRS compatible handset however I received the message your handset is not supported?

  • If your handset is not supported by Mobile Wizard choose others from manufacturer and provide the manufacturer and model for your handset. This information will be forwarded to Warid for handset updation.
  • What if I do not receive any message from 10004 when I change my handset or insert my new Warid SIM?

  • It takes anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes for these messages to reach you. In case of urgency please use your SIM to send message to receive settings from our self care menu:
    Go to,
    Warid --> Messaging --> Multimedia Settings --> All Settings